Must-Have Gadgets That Promise to Get You Through Your Pregnancy

As much as pregnancy is a beautiful thing, let's be real: It's tough. And stressful. And sometimes, a little scary. I keep calling my mom to get by on reassurances and occasional visits to the doctor. But here’s the good news, you can find wearable devices designed for listening to your unborn child's heartbeat, talking to the baby-to-be, fending off morning sickness, monitoring contractions, and more.

Simply put, there many products you can use while the baby is still cookin’. Here are some of our favorite gadgets on the market right now for you and your wee one.

AngelSounds ($32): Not so long ago, expectant families could only hear the sounds of fetal heartbeat in a doctor's office through the use of expensive sonogram equipment. Now, though, AngelSounds (and a crop of other DIY devices) are making it possible to hear that magic for most less money in the comfort of your own home.

Bloomlife ($20 a week plus shipping): Every woman is different and every pregnancy is unique. Expecting moms love Bloomlife because it provides them with better, easier to interpret, information about their bodies and serves as a trusted second opinion for peace of mind and confident decision making. Bloomlife is a clinically validated wearable contraction monitor that detects your contractions.

Lullabelly ($55): A lot of parents-to-be love playing music for their unborn baby, and Lullabelly makes it easier than ever. Basically, it’s a soft band that is secured around the stomach with a pocket for your phone, iPod or whatever portable device you use to play music. It comes with its own speaker and an earphone splitter so you can listen to the music along with your baby.

Bio Bands ($12): If you are pregnant and regularly experiencing some terrible morning sickness, this wearable could become your new best friend. It relieves nausea through acupressure. A small bead is gently pressed down onto your wrist, and amazingly studies have shown that this does just the trick. There are no chemicals in the band or any side effects.

Bellybuds ($30): Studies have shown that babies can remember music that was played to them in the womb for up to a year after birth, and that was the motivating force behind Bellybuds. You can also record your voice — or your loved ones’ voices — and play that for your baby. There’s also an earphone splitter, so you and your baby can both listen at the same time.

BabyPlus Prenatal Education System ($138): Your child can start learning before he or she is even born with these audio lessons. It might sound a little overboard, but infants who used BabyPlus have been found be be more responsive, nurse better and sleep more soundly.

Are any of these on your wish list? Tell us in the comments below!