Baby Tech From CES: New Parents Power the Baby Tech Craze


When we think of technology, we probably don’t think about babies. That’s changing. CES Day 1 kicked off with tons of revolutionary baby tech products. An entire section of the show is devoted to baby tech filled with cutting edge must-haves like baby monitors, breast pumps, fertility trackers, food intake monitoring devices, and more. I definitely expect the field of baby tech to grow in the next few years. Here is what we saw below. Stay tuned for a video coming shortly. And if you’re at CES come to our 10:30 am panel at the Living in Digital Times Stage, Booth #43901 at the Sands Expo.


Meet the Owlet Band. Now you can strap away your pregnancy nerves with the Owlet Band. Soon to be mommies can track everything leading up to their due date, including kicks count!

This is Owlet’s newest ground-breaking product that they just announced at CES. The technology in this device allows pregnant moms to track their unborn baby’s heart rate and kicks as well as the mom’s contractions and sleep positions, all in the comfort of their own home.

You’re probably thinking: This is absolutely amazing. I wish I had something like this when I was pregnant.

Coming this Fall.


No wires and no wearables. If only that was the headline of all baby tech. There are a lot of baby monitors out there, but Mikus dubs itself as a new generation of monitor. Using proprietary SensorFusion technology, Miku tracks your baby’s breathing, sound, and sleeping patterns with no wires or wearables. Miku streams real-time HD video and audio so you can see and hear your baby’s every moment. Miku can detect and analyze baby’s breathing, sound and motion in its very own quad-core brain. This tech works with your smartphone in real time to alert you when it matters most.


Did you know that by massaging your breasts you increase milk output? I didn’t. Luckily, Nurture by Imalac is a new devices that helps massage your breasts while you pump. Cut pumping time by a whopping 72%, increase milk expressed up to 32%!

The patent-pending Nurture system includes a combination nursing and pumping bra with an attachable massage cups that provide a personalized massage designed to simulate hands-on pumping. The company who is on Kickstarter now claims it will drastically improve the efficiency and ease of milk expression when used in conjunction with an electric breast pump.


If you’re from a big family like me, you’ll want a lot of people in the room for the special moment of viewing your first ultrasound. What if I told you that you now have the option of sharing that ultrasound with your whole family present, say in your living room?

Baby-Scan is the world’s first 2D/3D ultrasound scanner for mobile devices. Along with the scanner, the Baby-Scan app allows you to save and share ultrasound imagery.

This product represents that emerging BabyTech is not only practical but also brings joy during a nerve wracking time for soon-to-be parents.

Feeding infants is one of the more stressful jobs parents face. Is my baby getting enough milk? How can I express more to satisfy him/her? Has the antiquated breast pump had a tech infusion? as of  CES two years ago, wireless breast pumps have been all the rage and this year, multiple companies are hopping on the trend.


Willow is back with a slightly updated version of its hands-free, cordless breast pump.


Elvie, a British company,  is taking up a notch to be worn in a bra under normal clothes and operates with minimal sound. I’ve heard some breast pumps that make you feel like your at Kinkos printing menus, but this is pretty silent, so moms can go about their normal jobs and routines. The Elvie is already available in the United Kingdom and will start shipping in the United States in February.


Did you know that parents lose an average of 44 days of sleep in the first year of their baby’s life? Days. Not hours. Sounds like a pure nightmare. Thankfully companies like Nanit are ridding us of new parenting woes like ‘sleepless nights’ and exchanging them for sweet dreams.

The NanitPlus Sleep System monitors your tiny humans from anywhere and keeps you easily alert through your connected device. This week at CES, Nanit also announced the Nanit ban and swaddle; these new products monitor movement and breaths per minute to ensure your baby is safe while you rest easy.

Motorola Hubble

As you can already tell, baby monitoring systems are hot this year at CES. Among them, Motorola has broken through the mold with camera baby mobiles, advanced camera with interchangeable platforms and a baby bed insert to track babies health.

The Halo baby monitor of course easily connects to the Hubble app for ongoing monitoring and alerts. But also includes unique attributes: virtual mobile projections and customizable recorded lullabies.