#WomanCrushWednesday: 3 Inspiring Ladies To Watch

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Whether their game is fashion, science, beauty, or tech, so many women are out there killing it! I love to see women using their voices to empower other women to achieve great things. Here are just a few inspiring women to keep an eye on this #WomanCrushWednesday! 

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Justine Ezarik, Youtube personality, host, actress and model (@ijustine)

Fellow youtuber (and Aries!) Justine Ezarik, aka iJustine, seems capable of doing it all. From tech reviews, travel and lifestyle advice, modeling, and writing a book — we’re not too sure if she’s had any time to sleep. This digital influencer has quite an army of followers throughout her social media platforms (we’re talking billions). So if you ever need to learn about the new iPhone or maybe want to learn how to make cotton candy, our girl Justine has got you covered. Check out her channel and blog ijustine.com or follow her @ijustine and prepare to be amazed!

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Joanna Stern, Personal Technology Columnist for Wall Street Journal (@joannastern)

Have a question about the next laptop or smartphone to purchase? Joanna Stern is the personal technology columnist for the Wall Street Journal and can answer your laundry list of tech questions. With all of the tech out there to choose from, it can be difficult or confusing to make personal decisions based on your individual needs. As the former tech editor at ABC news, you can say she’s definitely an expert in the tech department. Follow her for some helpful guidance @joannastern

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Jesse Genet, Founder of Lumi (@jessegenet)

Want a cheaper and easier way to customize any surface with your own graphic or logo? Jesse Genet is here to help you. The founder of Lumi has finally made it possible to let your creativity shine, without having your bank account run empty. Custom-make your very own rubber stamp or silkscreen with your designs and start leaving your mark! Check her out @jessegenet + @lumi