#WCW: Fabulous Female Founders

The theme of this week's #womancrushwednesday is fabulous and fearless founders. 

All three of these women have made a significant impact through creating the foundation of these companies. Though some have moved on to other companies, founding their first is what led them on the path to creating some of their biggest accomplishments.


1. Ayah Bdeir

Ayah is the founder and CEO of littleBits, an open source library of modular electronics that snaps together using magnets. This award-winning building block company has made it easy for kids everywhere to learn how innovation works!

Fun fact: She was the co-founder of the Open Hardware Summit, a TED Senior Fellow and an alumna of MIT.


2. Limor Fried

Founding Adafruit, an open-source hardware company, Limor has paved the way for women in hardware companies. Adafruit is currently number #11 in the US for manufacturing companies. Adafruit is a 100% woman-owned company. 

Fun fact: She was the first female engineer featured in WIRED magazine. 


3. Caterina Fake

Most well known for her co-founding of Flickr and Hunch, she is now the founder of Findery. Caterina is an incredible business woman and entrepreneur. Starting out in the world wide web,  Caterina worked on websites for companies, such as McDonald's, Levi's and Nike, before she branched out to do her own work.

Fun Fact: She is a chairman and board member of everyone's favorite unique and handmade e-commerce website, Etsy!