#WomanCrushWednesday: 3 Inspiring Ladies to Watch


Whether their game is fashion, science, beauty, or tech, so many women are out there killing it! I love to see women using their voices to empower other women to achieve great things. Here are just a few inspiring women to keep an eye on this #WomanCrushWednesday! 


Dame Stephanie Shirley is the OG Woman in Tech. In the 1960’s, she disguised herself as “Steve” Shirley in order to build a multibillion dollar tech company that went on to create hundreds of jobs for other women. Luckily, in today’s world, I don’t have to disguise myself as “Jordan” Naziri to own my own tech company, but I still face some of the gender discrimination that she had dealt with. She’s not just an inspiration to ladies in tech, but to all women who wake up every morning and kick ass to make a difference!


Hi-Tech Fashion Designer, Anouk Wipprecht (@anoukwipprecht), has officially bridged the gap between tech and fashion. Yep, in case you didn’t know, “FashionTech” is in full swing. She’s making fashion a full experience that goes beyond just appearance — her designs actually move, breath and react to the environment around them. Body-sensors embedded in her designs can even check your stress levels, like comfort and anxiety. Ladies, I think it’s time for another shopping spree...


Reshma Saujani (@reshmasaujani) visited many local schools when she was running (and winning!) for U.S. Congress. That’s when she realized the huge gender gap in computing classes and what ultimately inspired her to start Girls Who Code. Thanks to Reshma, the largest execution of future female engineers in the U.S. is underway and girls everywhere are now given the right tools to better their lives with technology. This girl doesn’t just code, but she’s making a huge difference to empower women. You go, girl!