3 Inspiring Ladies To Watch

Inspiring ladies to watch

It’s so inspiring to watch women who love what they do work. From helping direct the first visual Instagram planner to teaching digital project management to go-getters. No matter the role, these women absolutely own their position! Here are three fabulous women you should know.


Inspired by the process, Kristin Smith ran operations for Amazon over the course of eight years. She was a part of the team that helped build out Amazon’s same-day delivery, you’re welcome. Currently, she’s at Fernish, a subscription furniture company (think Rent The Runway but for furniture). Kristin was also a featured story in the book Women In Tech by Tarah Wheeler. Her story continues to inspire, more power to you!

Connect with Kristin Smith

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Aside from a fabulous Instagram, Priscilla Castro is just as creative as the company she works for. She got her Marketing degree from California State University, Long Beach. She then started interning for No Subject where she discovered Create & Cultivate. She’s managed digital content for companies like Create & Cultivate, Makeful, Beautycon, and No Subject. With 5+ years working in the digital space, she is now making waves at Planoly, one of the best (and first) visual Instagram planners. Safe to say this girl inspires fire.

Connect with Priscilla: @KodeOfKondukt

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A storyteller that has a thing for showing people how to make any project better. She is the Co-Founder of Louder Than Ten (cool name btw) a company that shows people how to navigate Digital Project Management. From being an international speaker to winning web design awards, Rachel has made the internet her playground. All while using words like “fearless” and “resilient”.

Connect with Rachel: @TheStrayMuse

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