Funding female-forward thinking

Melinda Gates is putting her money where her mouth is. The philanthropist and global rights advocate has pledged $1 billion to fight inequalities that are holding women back, among reports that it will take over 200 years before gender equality exists in the US. "Here's what keeps me up at night," Melinda wrote on "I imagine waking up one morning to find that the country has moved on. That the media has stopped reporting on systemic inequalities. That diversity remains something companies talk about instead of prioritizing. That all of this energy and attention has amounted to a temporary swell instead of a sea of change.” The big $$ will be distributed among organizations and policy makers committed to breaking down barriers for women at work, holding businesses accountable regarding inequality, and creating more leadership positions for women. “$1 billion is a lot of money, but I also recognize that it’s only a small fraction of what’s necessary,” she added. “That’s why I hope the financial commitment I’m making today is seen as both a vote of confidence in the experts and advocates who are already working on these issues—and an invitation for others to join the cause and make commitments of their own. Equality can’t wait, and no one in a position to act should either.”

Jessica NaziriComment