iPhone 10 year anniversary announcements

It seems like Christmas came early for the tech world and Santa Tim Cook did not disappoint. For those of you who missed the Apple event, fear not, here is everything you need to know about Apple's big announcements! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.14.36 PM.png

There were 3 new phones announced, the iPhone X, aka the iPhone "10," the iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 plus. Talk about a huge step forward for iPhone. Let's get straight into it. 

 iPhone X

  • No home button
  • It's all screen, 5.8-inch super retina screen, OLED screen
  • Face ID to unlock the phone- your face is now your password (chances of tricking face ID is one in a million)
  • Face ID feature authorizes apple pay and also animates emoji's, aka "animoji's"
  • Durable glass on front and back
  • Wireless charging
  • Stereo speakers are 25% louder
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Your photos won't be shaky because of the optical image stabilization on both rear 12-megapixel camera lenses
  • Comes in two colors: space gray and silver. RIP matte black, jet black, and rose gold
  • Selfie upgrade: portrait mode on the front-facing camera with portrait lighting
  • Custom battery lasts up to two hours longer between charges compared to iPhone 7
  • Starts at $999 for 64 GB 
  • 256 GB option costing $1,149 
  • Available November 3rd


iPhone 8

  • All new glass design
  • Comes in two sizes 4.7 and 5.5
  • A11 Bionic chip which is 30% faster than the A10 chip in the iPhone 7
  • Wireless charging
  • Retina HD 3D touch
  • More advanced 12 MP camera
  • New color filter 
  • Starts at $699 for 64 GB
  • Available September 22nd


iPhone 8 Plus (same features as the iPhone 8 + features listed below)

  • Portrait mode: sharper foreground and natural blurred background
  • Portrait lighting (studio quality)
  • Optical zoom and digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos
  • Dual rear 12-megapixel camera lenses
  • Starts at $799 
  • Available September 22nd

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus look like the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus but with a glass back. Both phones come in silver, space gray and a rose gold finish. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.05.20 PM.png


The Airpower mat wirelessly charges all of your devices at the same time. Just set your iPhone, apple watch and airpods anywhere on the mat to charge them wirelessly. 

This is the iPhone we all know and love, and finally, on its 10th anniversary, we get the best version of itself. 

Drop, Smash, or Crack? You need this


I don’t know about you, but aside from my house keys, my phone is the number one thing I must have when I leave the house ( I feel bare without it).

I’m an entrepreneur, so I need to be connected and available and hey-- sometimes I just want to Snapchat a hilarious picture or Instagram my whereabouts. No judgments!

I’m a busy #bosslady and sometimes I accidentally lose track of things. I have shattered not one, but TWO phone screens. Is there any worse feeling than staring at the ground where my beautiful broken iPhone lay in pieces? The answer is NO.

I finally agreed with the Hubs that I needed a phone protector. But not just any case, I need something both functional and fashionable.

ENTER: the InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe screen protectors. It saves my phone from scratches, impacts, and even smudges. I was able to put it on with no annoying bubbles. It comes in many colors to match anything, but I knew I had to have the sassy rose gold. It’s shiny, beautiful, and rose gold is so on trend right now. #fashiontech

Now that my phone is protected, I can focus on all things tech. iOS11 is coming out soon, and I cannot wait to see what Apple is doing now. I recently was a part of a huge event for NXP autonomous driving (I took over their social media and had my case on my phone), and getting to see the amazing technology and thought leadership in that field has been incredible.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely the hottest trend right now, and one I am all over. Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and things like Nest and all the smartphone-enabled tools in life right now is so amazing. It is absolutely crazy to be watching how fast technology is moving and adapting and integrating into our lives.

Oh! And in case you thought I wouldn’t match, InvisibleShield also has a Glass Luxe rose gold smartwatch screen protector.

Are you as tied to your phone as I am? What is the number one thing you can’t leave the house without?




Doing business the new-fashioned way--anytime and anywhere

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Some personal news, I’m married! You can call me Mrs. Jessica Sabet as soon as I fill out all my paperwork to change my last name legally (there must be an app for that). It was a magical weekend and I am so excited to finally be married. Months and months of planning called for a mini-moon and I’m actually sipping my pina colada basking in the Mexican sun while typing this blog. Yes, even when I am out of the country on vacation, a #bosslady still has to hustle!

When you’re an entrepreneur, you’re never truly disconnected. I don’t like bringing a whole laptop though, and I always imagine I won’t actually work that much while I’m gone, and bringing my tablet really feels a little less like work.

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

The connection is fab, and luckily I can keep it in my purse, so working on the plane or sending a quick email is made easier by having it close at hand.

I use the ZAGG wireless bluetooth keyboard both as a case and keyboard, because it’s super easy to use. The keys have backlighting, and it’s the first I’ve used that actually feels like I’m typing on a real keyboard and not something flimsy and bendy. I can just pop it open, type quickly, and put it away. Plus, the battery life is pretty amazing, you can use it for up to two years, since it doesn’t drain your tablet’s charge. And conveniently, the keyboard automatically goes into sleep mode to save the battery’s charge after a few minutes of non-use.

I also make sure I have my phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot just in case! You never know if you pay extra for Wi-Fi or if that cute little cafe you’re at will have Wi-Fi, or just really slow or unreliable connections. I also try to have noise-cancelling headphones, so that I can work without distractions.

Do you still do work when you go on vacation? How do you get things done?

This post was made possible in collaboration with ZAGG.

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Photo Cred: Alexis Galmin

Father's Day gift for the photography loving Dad

Stuck for a Father's Day gift? 

This year, ditch the tie and go with tech that he won’t stick in a drawer.

For the photographer in your life, the ZTE Blade X Max phone will make sure he’ll be getting a lot more than 10 likes on Facebook. With a 6 inch HD display, equipped with 13 megapixels, and a battery good enough to last through an entire day with ease and a little left over for the next morning, this phone is a steal.

This phone has a rear and front facing camera that can help the man in your life record, snap, and share in both landscape and portrait mode . It’s available for only $150 on Cricket Wireless. Such a great gift for your dad who loves taking pictures of everything. Ehem read my Dad.

Check out the video below for more Father’s Day tech ideas that will score you some major points with pops.

This post was made possible in Collaboration with ZTE.

FashionTech is taking it to the next level

Fashion and technology continue to collide, and it is only getting better! Check out these five companies bringing form, function, and fashiontech to the next level right now!

1. Hyperface is a revolutionary camouflage that disrupts and distracts facial recognition software algorithms. It is anti-surveillance face paints and clothing. As groundbreaking and potentially useful facial recognition is, many people are concerned about tracking and intrusion of privacy. Hyperface is created by by Berlin-based artist and technologist Adam Harvey, who is creating guerilla printing patterns for clothing that are capable of confusing the software. The patterns look like facial features, such as eyes, mouths, and more, and are designed to cause AI headaches and confuse the algorithms enough to not be able to specifically identify the wearer. It is set to launch in Spring 2017 and can be seen here.

2. Skinners Technologies have created barefoot running socks that are neither socks nor shoes! They are anti-odor, durable, washable, and ready for any adventure. These ultra-tough socks are made with antibacterial yarn with pure silver in it, have toe protection, a comfortable knit fit, anti-abrasive polymer and waterproof underside, and are double layered. They are very durable and are better for active running than actually being barefoot, providing protection and comfort. Skinners socks are made to be extremely small, so that you can toss them into pockets or bags and have them with you while you’re on the go. Some customers are saying they barely wear shoes anymore! Get them here.


3. AirDye has created a sustainable fabric dying process that doesn’t use water, and is turning traditional dying process on its side. The AirDye process uses air instead of water, resulting in zero water waste and very little pollution, uses significantly less energy that water-dying, and creates some really interesting possibilities. You could print one piece of fabric with a different color on each side, or a color on one side and a print on the other, anything you can think of! With clean water still a luxury in many places in the world, this technology could change the way some countries dye and make clothing. Check out more here.

4. I Am Not A Virgin clothing company is trying to make the world a better place and reverse the planet’s health with how they make clothes. Humans throw away 200 billion plastic bottles a year, that sit in landfills, our oceans, and take on average 450 YEARS to decompose completely. Some types of plastic can take far longer. IANAV clothing recycles plastic bottles with polyester and then blends it with cotton to create eco-friendly and comfortable clothing. They are trying to become even more eco-friendly by creating their own yarn with PET and rice husks instead of cotton! This company is really bringing new technology and a sustainable mission to fashion! See their clothing line here.

5. The Left Shoe Company is a London-based shoe company using amazing technology to make sure your shoes are perfect for you. They use a state of the art 3D scanner to take a perfect picture of each foot, getting the most accurate measurement possible. They then create handmade, made-to-measure shoes perfect for you! Luxurious, unimaginable comfort tailor-made for you. Order a pair here.


Would you buy made to order shoes or wear special barefoot running socks? Do you have any fashiontech now? Tell me about your experience!


Levi’s and Google connected smart jacket will come out this fall and cost around $350

This fall, your jacket may be as smart as your phone.

Designed by Levi's and Google ATAP, the interactive trucker jacket uses high-tech conductive fabric to connect to a smartphone. With the brush of a sleeve, users can pause or skip a song or use Google maps without the hassle of getting a phone out.

Scroll down for pictures

Levi’s global product innovation head Paul Dillinger and ATAP’s Project Jacquard lead Ivan Poupyrev announced the product’s revised release date and price onstage at SXSW over the weekend. The jacket, which uses conductive fabric to transform into a connected device, is set to hit stores this fall at $350 a pop.

The product is called a Commuter Trucker Jacket and is designed for people who are on the move and don't have time to stop and check their phone or watch. The denim piece allows you to start your music, get the time, answer calls, and more.

The product was first announced at the Google I/O developer conference in May last year, writes The Verge.  

Met Gala: Intersection of tech and style

Beyoncé wears a latex-like gown by Givenchy. Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Beyoncé wears a latex-like gown by Givenchy.

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Equivalent of the Oscar’s red carpet, the Met Gala brings together an invite-only list of dressed-up celebs, bigwigs and this year-- tech. The theme of the gala, which benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, was “Manus x Machina, Fashion in an Age of Technology.”

It was a start-studded, LED night that bought style and tech together in haute couture-level drama with Silicon Valley-level uniforms (the event was co-hosted by Apple's chief design officer, Jonathan Ive). From robotic arms to Tomaguchis to dresses made entirely of recycled plastic bottles, "tech" meant slapping on metallics, with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga to Taylor Swift shimmering in bright, futuristic ensembles. The red carpet proves just how extravagantly fashion and tech can come together. 

Maybe the next dress you buy will have  a power button. For now, fashion’s innovations are mostly happening behind the seams. Click ahead to see the looks.

1) Karolina Kurkova

Model Karolina Kurkova was wearing a dress designed by Marchesa and IBM's Watson team. The "cognitive dress" was covered in LED lights that changed colors based on what people tweeted about the two brands throughout the night, according to Wired.

2) Claire Daines

Claire Daines wore a Zac Posen dress that appeared at first as a simple, classic white gown -- the likes of which Grace Kelly might have worn 60 years ago -- but was actually filled with fiber optics that illuminated it in a multitude of shades.

3) Allison Williams

Actress Williams' gown was adorned with 3D-printed white flowers, designed by Peter Pilotto.

4) Emma Watson

Watson went eco-friendly with an outfit made from recycled materials aka garbage-- literally. The off-the-shoulder look, designed by Calvin Klein, was made from recycled plastic bottles for a project that the designer, along with the consulting firm Eco-Age, called the Green Carpet Challenge, reported the Telegraph.