Apple Watch Series 3: Is it time for an upgrade?

The first generation of people talking to their wrists is here.

The most exciting part? The Apple Watch Series 3 features cellular, so you can literally leave your phone at home all day, and still make calls, get texts, and listen to up to 40 million songs in your playlist (who even has that many songs? Extra AF)

If you don’t want to stay as connected, the Series 3 includes both LTE and non-LTE versions.

Of course, using your watch as a phone is much easier than constantly whipping your phone out and obsessively checking your home screen. But, this comes at an extra $70 cost. Get the noncellular version for $329 and the cellular version for $399.

apple watch.png

Apple Watch Series 3 features:

  • Waterproof for up to 50 meters
  • Can access Siri, so you have a personal assistant on your wrist
  • Connects to Apple music, but not to Spotify
  • Watch uses the same number as your phone
  • 42 in (slightly thicker than series 2)
  • Battery lasts 15-18 hours
  • Charges in 2 hours
Instagram (watch).jpg


  • Faster processing
  • Siri is included, so you have a personal assistant on-the-go (can order Uber, ask for directions, set a reminder, send a calendar invite, etc)
  • The cellular chip is small so it’s like a computer on your wrist


  • It’s expensive. On top of the price of the watch itself, you have to pay for your wireless plan (a huge hidden cost!)
  • GPS and calling runs your battery out faster
  • Spotify doesn’t connect (only Apple Music)
  • Slightly thicker than the Series 2

If you already have the Series 2, there’s really no point in switching to the 3. But, if this is your first smartwatch, makes sure it’s the Series 3 so you’re getting the up-to-date functionalities and operating system.

So, will you be the new owner of the Apple Watch Series 3? I'd love to know in the comments below!