Wedding Tech


FROM 3D-PRINTED CAKE TOPPERS TO CAMERA DRONES, WEDDINGS ARE BECOMING HIGH TECH.  In 2015, the global wedding market was a $300 billion industry. There are approximately 2.5 million weddings every year in the US, and technology is invading that market as well. Let's explore new ways to seamlessly incorporate technology into weddings.

Whether you're just starting your wedding planning adventure or checking off the very last things on your wedding checklist, here are some of my favorite digital tools ( that I also used) for or streamlining the process while still planning the wedding you’ve always wanted.


For beautiful invitations that won't break the bank, look to Minted. helps you create custom luxury wedding paper invitations, programs personalized wedding websites. You can completely custom design what you want online and connects you with emerging artists from around the world.  Minted's Design Associates. works with independent artists and graphic designers to offer chic ready-made invites, save-the-dates, ceremony programs, escort cards, and more. They can match or create any design you’ve dreamed of, drawn, or found on Pinterest. They also do customized place cards, envelopes, and even offer calligraphy style envelope addressing for free!


Whether or not you already checked off the very last things on your wedding checklist, the stress and nerves will be there before the wedding.  Touchpoint is a non-invasive and passive way  to help relieve you of all that wedding planning stress! Because we all know there’s a lot of that. The touchpoint device and app has a “stress hack” that will reduce your stress by up to 71% in only 30 seconds, according to the company and if that doesn’t make you breathe a sigh of relief, I don’t know what will! I’ve been using it to help reduce my stress, make me focus, and even helps me reduce my cravings so I look amazing in my dress! Touchpoint works with you to improve brain activity without having to do anything.

Joy is where design-minded brides go to create their wedding hubs ($35 per month). You can also create an app that is completely customizable to help you go completely paperless with invitations and also communicate with guests. Your guests can also add photos to it for everyone to see, and can even configure privacy settings so that certain things are public and other things aren’t. This tech even allows you to go paperless and record RSVPs and notify guests of any changes.


Mint app: It’s not a secret that planning a wedding is expensive.  Mint is an app  for tracking your spending in life — and of course on the wedding. The free money-management app syncs with your bank account and credit cards so you can monitor your spending and move funds around as needed. (And it probably will be needed.) You can also create a wedding budget and stay on track, thanks to weekly email summaries and text reminders when payments are due.


While your guests might think you love the juice blender, you were probably hoping for a different gift Cue: Zola an online gift registry that also helps you plan your wedding. Guests can easily go in on pricier items together with group gifting, and you also get 10 percent off all items on the site for up to one year after your wedding date.

So what are you using to plan your wedding? Are you incorporating new or interesting technology into it? I have a drone doing aerial photography, bouquets made of cables, and even charging stations at the reception so that guests can snap pictures all night long without worrying about running out of battery!