Apple and Burberry develop ‘R Message’ chat tool for personalized shopping


Burberry wants to hit up its biggest buyers. The luxury brand is teaming up with Apple to introduce R Message, a new invitation-only service that allows store associates to chat with select “top-tier” clients. AKA not you or me…

The exclusive platform will provide big spenders with a more convenient way to book private appointments and purchase products (which includes using Apple Pay). Burberry became known under former chief executive Angela Ahrendts (who now is at Apple) for deploying splashy technology like interactive mirrors, and now the app marks a renewed focus on customer service.

Text messaging is becoming increasingly important as brands phase out email as a communication tool and fashion companies are increasingly using in-store apps and text messages to maximize omnichannel offerings — as well as the time and skills of retail associates.

Other retailers like Farfetch, Mulberry, Bonobos and Outdoor Voices have launched associate apps that display inventory and customer information, while Coach has experimented with the ability for clients to message the brand via WeChat. The New York-based, WeChat found that app users spent nearly 26 per cent more than other customer

So now, just in time for the new season, trench coats are just a few taps (and paychecks) away.