Have A Closer Look: The Dark Side of Screen Time


POP QUIZ: Did you know that blue light from your phone and computer screen can strain your eyes, cause headaches and disrupt your sleep cycle? Yup, that’s right… LED, fluorescent and artificial light sources aka screen time negatively impacts your sleep cycle, especially if you've been on your laptops and phones too close to bedtime.

I myself am way too familiar with the tossing and turning in the wee hours of the night trying to get in my zzz. I had to do something about my eye strains and it turns out I needed glasses and something to protect my baby blues. I had my eyes checked and it turns out I have a mild prescription, coming in at a .50 so I was happy that it wasn’t too bad and that I caught the problem.


When it came to finding the perfect glasses, my MO is : It’s not about SEEING, it’s about being SEEN. So I initially thought I would have another problem, expensive and really dorky glasses. Turns out, I found a gem. Shout out to Zenni Optical for having cute and cheap prescription glasses and sunnies that keep my eyes protected.

What I love about Zenni is that their product inventory includes a line of Blue Blockers that not only protect my eyes and reduce my risk of permanent eye damage, but they are stylish without having the [ugly] computer glasses yellow tint (filters are for online, not reality). Zenni’s are virtually clear with a blue blocking polymer.


When you wear an accessory on your face, it’s the first thing people see—so it better look good and feel good. I was surprised by the good quality and fit. Not to mention the low cost. I've wanted prescription sunglasses forever but didn't want to pay $300 if I didn't know if I would even use them. These babies were about $40. There are so cheap you can literally have a pair for every outfit.

Even though I don’t need to wear them all the time (just for screen time and reading), they’re so cute that I can wear these all day instead of just when I’m using the computer, so there’s less hassle with multiple glasses types. Also, I may have worn them all day for the past few weeks (link to IG video).

Zenni’s mild prescription lenses offer major UV protection. Their 1.50 standard index lens contains 85 – 90% UV protection. When you choose the lenses you also receive anti-scratch hard coating (for free) and your glasses will automatically be treated with a clear coating making your lens surface less prone to scratching.

So whether you're coding away to develop the next Uber of X app or connecting with friends on IG, make sure you protect your eyes. Your poor eyes take the largest strain with long hours of constant screen time and exposure to blue light.  

With prices as low as $6.95, you can afford to get everyone a couple of pair of glasses. I already have got some prescription sunglasses and a pair of glasses in purple and blue.



Try these glasses for yourself and let me know what you think.

Look at the types of lenses you can get for only $50



This blog is in partnership with Zenni.