Drop, Smash, or Crack? You need this


I don’t know about you, but aside from my house keys, my phone is the number one thing I must have when I leave the house ( I feel bare without it).

I’m an entrepreneur, so I need to be connected and available and hey-- sometimes I just want to Snapchat a hilarious picture or Instagram my whereabouts. No judgments!

I’m a busy #bosslady and sometimes I accidentally lose track of things. I have shattered not one, but TWO phone screens. Is there any worse feeling than staring at the ground where my beautiful broken iPhone lay in pieces? The answer is NO.

I finally agreed with the Hubs that I needed a phone protector. But not just any case, I need something both functional and fashionable.

ENTER: the InvisibleShield Glass+ Luxe screen protectors. It saves my phone from scratches, impacts, and even smudges. I was able to put it on with no annoying bubbles. It comes in many colors to match anything, but I knew I had to have the sassy rose gold. It’s shiny, beautiful, and rose gold is so on trend right now. #fashiontech

Now that my phone is protected, I can focus on all things tech. iOS11 is coming out soon, and I cannot wait to see what Apple is doing now. I recently was a part of a huge event for NXP autonomous driving (I took over their social media and had my case on my phone), and getting to see the amazing technology and thought leadership in that field has been incredible.  

The Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely the hottest trend right now, and one I am all over. Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, and things like Nest and all the smartphone-enabled tools in life right now is so amazing. It is absolutely crazy to be watching how fast technology is moving and adapting and integrating into our lives.

Oh! And in case you thought I wouldn’t match, InvisibleShield also has a Glass Luxe rose gold smartwatch screen protector.

Are you as tied to your phone as I am? What is the number one thing you can’t leave the house without?