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6 Mothers Day Gifts With A Tech Spin


To show the woman who raised you some serious love, there’s no better way than with some sweet, sweet tech gadgets. We’ve gathered the ultimate list of techie toys that we guarantee Mom will absolutely love — no matter what your budget might be.

1. Your mom will never have a dead phone battery again with the QBracelet. Fashionable and functional, she'll be the talk of town with how smart this accessory is! She can literally always have a charger on her. 

2. Whether mom has her own Insta or you want to share pics from your personal account, Chatbooks Photo Book is a great way to take your beautiful family pics and publish them in a nifty little book. Plus, at $8 a pop, you could make a whole series!

3. Let mom create memories with the handy dandy Polaroid Pop Cam. Give your mom a little throwback with her gift, and let her experience the old school polaroid prints. With the Polaroid Pop you can take the photo with the camera or use it as a printer for your favorite phone pics.

4. Oh, HiMirror. My mom taught me the importance of good skin. I never leave the house with at least moisturizer and SPF on, so a mirror that helps me track skin health is exactly what I'm looking for. This is the perfect gift for a mom who wants to maintain and improve - something to help the natural beauty regime. (Hot tip: they are having 20% off sale for Mothers Day!) 


5. There's 2 kinds of moms: the one who non-stop calls and the one who always misses your calls. I have a solution for the latter - Ringly. Mix a classic jewelry gift with a tech twist, and she'll be reminded of you every time it blinks! 

6. Nothing like moms home cooking! You had to do the dishes when you were a kid, now you can help in the kitchen again by getting mom a Moen motionsense kitchen faucet!  Be the favorite kid with this gift and make your moms life easier. 

What are you getting your mom this year? Any from our list?