YouTube's coming for beauty


YouTube is apologizing for the hours of sleep it stole from you with a shiny new feature. Since makeup tutorials and reviews are one of the main reasons why people spend their days on the platform, YouTube has unveiled a new AR feature that will allow users to virtually try on makeup via its app, while tuning into a video.

Once launched, the function will allow users to stream beauty tutorials that will play at the top of the screen, while the viewer appears below using their phone’s front-facing camera. Then, AR Beauty Try-On will then let them sample a palette of colors. So basically you can see if your favorite beauty vlogger’s signature purple lipstick works on you without having to try it on via a Q-tip at the local beauty store (while the sales associate tries to sell you five other beauty products that you “need” to complete the look). MAC Cosmetics is the first brand to launch via the new YouTube tool, which will compete with other visual try-on experiences at Ulta, Sephora, and Target. Crossing our fingers that eventually AR can apply our makeup for us too, so we can sleep in longer. 

Post by Newsette