You've Got Mail With Postable

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My wedding was a blast this summer, and thanks to charging stations, hashtags, and photography drones, I have it all on camera. 

When it comes to dress shopping, seeing how you would look in different hair and makeup styles, and even picking vendors - there is an app for that!

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But invitations and thank you notes seem to never change. You’re still expected to go through the whole process of selecting, buying, stuffing, addressing and mailing invitations and thank you notes. You got me a gift, let me create customized thank you notes, have them printed, pay for shipping to my house, find a pen, write you a note about how much I adore that rolling pin, seal it, find a stamp and mail it to you. It takes forever!

Instead, I embraced the new millennium with evites, online RSVP trackers, and Postable

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Postable is the new thank you note. 

Postable has the cutest templates and you can create custom designs of thank you notes, add your note, and they mail it off for you. The notes still look handwritten, but bye-bye hand cramps!

Postable carries tons of different designs and they are all 100% real and made from recycled materials. You put in the message, and the people over at Postable will create, print, and mail off your cards for you. 

Most impressive, they use patented smart handwriting fonts! So, if you want your cards to still look handwritten, then heck yes! You can also choose from tons of beautiful typeset fonts.

And, now that the holidays are approaching, what a perfect time to send out those family holiday greeting cards! My promo code for you to get started using Postable is: MRWD9HPH

Going to the post office is so last century. Thanks, Postable!