Samsung Galaxy S8: rumors, specs, and more

It's hard to get the images of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones exploding out of our heads, but there are rumors that Samsung is at it again. This time with the Galaxy S8, set to be released this April.

So what will the phone look like? Well, it’s big! This one won’t be fitting into our girl-pockets, with 5.8 inch and a 6.2 inch options, which are bigger than the Note! The S8 will have an infinity display, with the curved sides like the Edge, and is said to be way more energy efficient.

The back of the phone has a relocated fingerprint scanner, and the front is very different, with no physical home button at all. You read that right, no physical home button at all!

Samsung phones have always taken gorgeous pictures, in fact many of my Instagram pics are snapped with a Samsung, instead of my beloved iPhone. 

If you love Siri and Alexa, get ready for Bixby, Samsung’s new personal assistant! I love the name Bixby, and can’t wait to try it out, along with the long lasting battery life and yes, they are keeping the headphone jack! No extra dongles just to listen to music!

First reported by Venture Beat, there is a new picture of the Samsung Galaxy S8, being unveiled on March 29 and is set for worldwide release on April 21

This new render is basically an official Galaxy S8 press photo

This new render is basically an official Galaxy S8 press photo