The New Tech To Buy: Summer Special


At TechSesh we spend countless hours reviewing and testing out the latest and greatest tech finds to curate the best smart products and tech accessories on the market, so you don't have to.

All the stuff you like and want, and didn’t know you need. We know no one wants the stuff that ends up in the tangled wire drawer or the tech-tantrum inducing stuff, so we got you covered.

It’s hard to pinpoint all our favorites, but as summer continues, here are our top products we’ve been testing out and loving to carry us through the season.

Summer is a time for lots of traveling (hopefully) and lots of selfies *just being honest. If only there was a photog following you and your friends around in Mykonos. But wait, thanks to technology- the Airselfie camera is like a personal photographer that helps you capture every sunset on the beach. This pocket-sized flying camera connects with your smartphone and stays in the air for 5 minutes so you can capture aerial photography and video of your full-moon dance party.  


If you are a forgetful person-- and someone who spends time looking for your keys,  a smart lock is always a good idea.  Enter the Nest x August smart lock. No keys, no fuss, no worries. The struggle is real when you're searching through your bag or your couch only to find your keys in your jacket. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to wait outside my own door to get in. One neat feature is “one-touch locking,” which allows you to lock your door just by pressing the Yale button.

This is also great for the times where you need to let someone into your home without you actually being there. Simply give them a code.


Smart locks have come a long way in both technology and design. The best smart locks on the market are not only effective, but they also look like designer pieces that lend a touch of style to your front door.

Watch the full review: 

Two truths and a lie: I have an iPhone x. I have a Samsung Note 8. My phone case matches every outfit. Ok fine, everything is true. My phone case has become the most important part of my wardrobe. And yeah, you can say I have a bit of habit with cell phone cases. I love them. I collect them like shoes, and I’m always looking for cute news one or itching to buy more. I lost my mind when I discovered, Sonix. I’m a sucker for color and fruits and fell in love with this “Patent Cherry” case that not only makes a statement, but also protects my phone.


Summer usually means lots of weddings and weekends away. It also means linens and lightweight outfits that usually emerge from the suitcase looking like a rag.  The Cirrus portable steamer is not only a beautiful piece of kit (it comes in pale pink or grey), but more importantly it actually works, so is well worth packing. Would also be excellent to stash in the office, for a blouse refresher before dashing to after work date night.


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