Alexa is officially taking over

Amazon wants real estate on your face, kitchen counter, finger, and dog. The mega-company announced multiple new products at its Alexa event yesterday, including an echo dot with a digital alarm clock on its front, an impressive speaker system called Echo Studio, Echo Buds that will put your AirPods to shame, something called Echo Glow that looks like a blob of slime and is apparently a nightlight for kids (or us, after watching a new serial killer documentary on Netflix), and the Echo Show 8, a smaller 8-inch version of its previous 10-inch flagship model. Think those are a lot of Echos? We’re not done yet. Amazon also introduced a few exclusive invite-only hardware devices. One is a pair of $179.99 Alexa-enabled glasses that have 4 micro-speakers in the frame for hands-free Alexa-ing. Another is a device straight out of a sci-fi cartoon (or Spy Kids): an Alexa-enabled smart ring with 2 microphones that lets you make brief calls. Other devices we didn’t know we needed but now want include an Alexa-powered oven that doubles as an air fryer, and a dog tag that keeps track of your fur baby. Suddenly our bank account feels empty.

Jessica NaziriComment