The Alexas are coming


Amazon wants Alexa to be everywhere and we mean everywhere: on your walls, in your car, and even in your kitchen. The trillion-dollar company hosted a private event in Seattle to announce the latest Alexas to take over your home ERR, read life. 

There were over a dozen new products announced, including an Echo for your car, an Alexa microwave, an Alexa Clock, and an Echo Smart Plug. 

The Smart Plug is interesting-- it allows you to instantly control any device using Alexa (even that Keurig you’ve had since college). And of course, Amazon didn’t forget about its oldies but goodies. The original Alexa got some updates, including the ability to detect when you’re whispering, and then whisper back. Not creepy. The Echo Dot also got a makeover, and now sports a nicer cloth covering, louder audio, and an updated driver.