Caavo universal remote review

Caavo universal remote

ME: Where is the remote?

HUSBAND: The small one?

ME: No the Netflix one.

This is the conversation that goes on in my household every time we want to watch TV.

(Read: every night when we're trying to Netflix and chill... hey our baby is on the way and I need some rest!)

But seriously-- it has become such an issue-- I never know where the remote is and it's back and forth with my hubby, and it actually takes an hour to watch something.

Enter Caavo, the universal remote.

The Caavo Control Center and Universal Remote, allows you to control your TV, and all of the devices attached to your TV, with ONE remote. It works with all the top streaming devices, like Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, or Nvidia Shield (Android TV).

Best part? Live TV channels on cable boxes and video game consoles are part of the package.

If you have more than one device hooked up to your TV, Caavo puts them all together.

IE: we have a  DVD player, and Nintendo, instead of connecting those devices to my TV’s HDMI ports, I can plug them into Caavo, which acts as a middleman and organizer of our streaming. It also lets you connect streaming TV accounts like Netflix and Hulu directly to it, so you can jump right into them without worrying about which device they are on. Can you say lifesaver?

Caavo Control Center Universal Remote
Caavo Control Center and Universal Remote

I've spent so many hours trying to figure out how to go back and forth-- and I am pretty good at tech if I do say so myself! I've called the hubby countless times to have him explain to change from TV to Netflix.

Setup process

Buy an HDMI cable-- Caavo requires one, but unfortunately does not pack it in the box. After you connect all your boxes-- you will answer a series of yes/no questions to get set-up. I had a lot of devices to hook up, so it took me a little over an hour to finish.

Once you connect Control Center, you can use the all-in-one voice-activated TV remote to control everything that’s connected to your TV. You can just toss your old remotes buh-bye. Thank you, next!


True Universal Search. Say the name of any actor, movie, TV show, or video and Control Center will display relevant results across all your subscriptions and services, even YouTube.

Add Google Voice or Amazon Alexa.

Just Ask: Control Center pairs with Google Voice and Amazon Alexa smart speakers so you can control everything you’ve connected to Control Center hands-free. Say “Okay, Google, Open Netflix” or “Alexa, Play Game of Thrones” and Control Center will take you straight there. Use your smart speaker for all standard remote control functions, plus features like Universal Search and seamless switching between connected devices.

I really like how Caavo is family-friendly now that I am starting my own fam. Everyone in the family can use the TV—just use the voice command on the universal remote control to say what you want to watch and Control Center will take you straight to the show.

FYI:  Control Center has room to connect up to 4 devices plus a Sound System. Once you add your sound system to Control Center, you can use the Control Center remote for everything, without the risk of disturbing complex settings on surround sound systems.

How much will this cost you?

  • $100 for the Control Center + Universal Remote

  • The service fee: $1.99 mo/$19.99 year or $59.99 lifetime.

In a few weeks I will be home for maternity leave and excited to have an uncomplicated remote to binge-watch with baby.


This post was sponsored by Caavo.