Father's Day tech gift guide for every kind of father

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Superheros come in many shapes and sizes---outdoorsy, strong, hardworking, kind, even forgetful or sometimes tired… we’re talking about Dad. The Superman of your life who rescued you from the monsters under your bed and the one who taught you how to ride a bike. So this year, forget the neckties and wristwatches, and get the dad in your life the tech he really wants. You might even find a little something for yourself, too.


Outdoor tech: George Foreman Electric grill

Maybe dad is already the head chef at all your family barbecues, but with the Fourth of July coming up in the next month, help him step up his grillmaster-esque barbecue game with a new electric grill. As the self-proclaimed pitmaster, this will save him the time and hassle of burning the charcoal and fire up the grill in a techy way.


Personal tech: Canvas Pop

Does dad spend all his time on the Gram and Facebook resharing photos? He’ll love all the sentimental gifts from Canvas Pop. Instead of blasting it all over social media, turn the embarrassing digital photos into something he can physically hold- like a pillow with your picture on it (then you’ll just have to deal with your childhood photos whenever you’re home. We think that’s a better option).

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Smart home tech: Honeywell Home T9

After a long day at work, pops just wants to come home to a relaxing and cool house and drink a cold one. Keep him cool and collected after work with the help of Honeywell Home T9. With Smart Room Sensors, it knows which rooms are in use so it can automatically focus on them. The intelligent motion detection algorithms help it tell the difference between someone passing through or spending time in a room, so dad’s ideal comfort can efficiently follow him from room to room.


Entertainment tech: Apple AirPods

Dad has probably seen millennials walking around with their wireless earphones and thought, “man, kids these days and their technology.” But, let’s be honest, we all know that deep down, he wants to have a pair of his own. Give your old man the chance to flex and be one of the cool kids by gifting him his own Apple AirPods! It’s light, portable and perfect for a man who loves to blast his music through his ears. Plus they can double up as hearing aids.


Lifestyle tech: Tile Pro Tracker

“Where are my keys?”

This is probably on the list of your dad’s most common phrases. If you grew up helping your dad find his keys before leaving anywhere, then you should probably gift him a Tile. These portable trackers are the perfect solution for your forgetful father. Simply attach a Tile to anything that he most commonly loses (keys, wallet, phone. It doesn’t work on children at grocery markets. Sorry.) and use his phone’s Bluetooth to find the item.


Accessory tech: iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Dash & Windshield Car Mount Phone Holder

If your dad loves long drives and road trips, then it’s about time to accessorize his beloved mobile with a phone mount. He can easily mount and place his phone using one hand. As a plus, you’re helping your dad practice safer driving habits by providing a car mount for his phone. The iOttie Car Mount has a strong suction force, so it’s able to stick in any position.


Health tech: Quip Electric Toothbrush

There should be two gadgets that a man has in it bag of toiletries: an electric razor and an electric toothbrush. The Quip’s Electric Toothbrush is simple, efficient and it’s perfect for your old man’s pearly whites. Unlike other electric toothbrushes, Quip gives you an optional paid subscription to change your brush head every three months, so you know that your dad always has a fresh refill.


Photo Tech: Meet Ibi Smart Photo Manager

Introduce your dad to his personal photo organizer and keeper. Meet Ibi, the smart photo manager. With ibi, you can share photos privately among your family and friends. Instead of needing to upload to semi-public and public spaces such as social media sites, you can create a private space to share photos and videos.There are always intimate moments that we never want to share with anyone, and Ibi can make sure your dad can keep his favorite photos near and dear to his heart.


Phone Tech: iPhone and Apple Watch Battery Bank

Smartwatches and phones are great devices, but the more tech fad adds into his busy life, the more charging he needs to do. If your dad’s device are always running out of juice and never has time to sit down to charge his iPhone and his Apple Watch, consider getting him a battery bank. This pocket side portable charger can charge his devices all at the same time, so he doesn’t have to decide which one needs more charging.