These apps and gadgets will spice up your Memorial Day


It's official, summer is starting! But before we get into it, Memorial Day is here to kick start the summer relaxation before the weather starts to change! (That boiling hot weather!) Whether you're hanging out poolside, enjoying a neighborhood barbecue, or just watching Netflix this year, these apps and gadgets will make your Memorial Day one for the books. 


Memorial Day is a great chance to get outside and listen to tunes! The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker is small, portable, and most importantly, waterproof! It's perfect for a poolside party or a day at the beach. The Wonderboom speakers can float in the pool and be paired to augment the sound. The small speaker is afforable too, get it for $99 here


I don't know about you, but I love the chance to get out of town on Memorial Day weekend! Luckily, there is tech that I can take wherever I go. With Trakdot, I can keep an eye on my luggage when I fly, or even drive, to a destination. Nothing puts a hamper on a holiday weekend like lost bags, so Trakdot's patented technology uses cellular networks to transmit your bags' location to you. 

mophie 1.jpg

When you're celebrating a long weekend, the last thing you want to worry about is your phone battery dying! A portbale chager is a must year-round, but especially when you're trying to capture all the fun moments at the end of summer. Enter Mophie. Mophie's portable chargers have enough juice to recharge your phone two times before it even needs to be plugged in. And the best part? Mophie is super affordable, with their standard charger priced at $39.99. 

Staying connected even on your days off is so important, not to mention how great it is to share all the fun you're having. Summer isn't officially over for another few weeks, but you can enjoy these gadgets beyond May 28th!