Stressed while pinning?

Is the 22-step guide to creating a DIY baby shower center piece stressing you out? Pinterest wants to help. The platform we use for ambitious DIY projects and mapping out our parties has introduced new mental wellness activities created for users.

The exercises—designed with Brainstorm, Stanford’s Lab for Mental Health Innovation—are meant to be completed by users when they feel stressed, anxious, or sad, and include self-compassion and breathing exercises. The new tool appears when a user searches a term indicating they may be feeling blue (like “work anxiety” or “stress quotes”), and, unlike other parts of the platform, user data from these activities is stored anonymously using a third-party.

“People come to Pinterest to discover ideas, get inspired and focus on themselves, their interests, their futures,” Annie Ta of Pinterest said in a statement. “One of the main ways people find inspiration is through Search, from summer activities to try to creative ways to express yourself. But we know that life isn’t always so inspiring, and things on the internet aren’t either.” The resource will roll out to Pinterest’s millions of users in the next few weeks.