Tips and Tricks: Get the most out of your Pixelbook

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Tips + Tricks: Pixelbook

Tip: Do you have a bit of a tab problem and have a million things open at once? Do you find yourself opening the same Doc over and over? Wish there was a way to see if you already have something open in Chrome, and then switch over to it? 

There is! Switch Tabs in Chrome! 

How to use: Open a new Chrome tab, and start typing the name of a Doc or site you suspect you may already have open. If the tab is open, you'll see the item listed with the "Switch Tab" button next to it. Even if it's in another window it will bring you right to that tab and close the new tab you just opened. Fewer tabs, more efficiency! 


Explore Apps for Work + Productivity at Google Play

  • Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive allows you to get everything done while being collaborative and productive at the same time.

  • Take notes and create a task list with Google Keep.

  • Organize and edit your photos using Adobe Lightroom.

Kit out your Pixelbook with new accessories.

  • This convenient clip,made by Bellroy, attaches Pixelbook Pen to the side of your Pixelbook screen, so your pen stays right where you want it.

  • Bellroy Sleeve for Pixelbook - work, read, or draw desk-free thanks to this Pixelbook sleeve that helps you protect your Pixelbook when you’re on the go, then props up into a handy stand when you need it.

  • Not ready to go back to real life after the holidays? Keep the noise out in 2019 with these Libratone Q Adapt noise canceling wireless headphones, compatible with Pixelbook! These certified Made for Google headphones are compatible with Pixelbook and designed to bring the best out of your music.