Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: First Impressions


Thanks to the nice folks at Samsung, I  got an early look at the new Galaxy S9 Plus, and it was perfection in a phone. 

Some Specs:

  • Stunning display
  • Headset jack
  • Strong reception and fast wireless network support
  • Multiple security features, including an iris scanner
  • Fast and wireless charging
  • microSD expansion card slot
  • High level water and dust resistance


The Galaxy S9 plus screen comes in at 6.2 inches, much bigger than the iPhone X. I am a big fan of the screen taking up the real estate. 



The S9 Plus camera quality is not comparable to an iPhone X.

Sue, the S9+ is equipped with a dual camera system, featuring wide-angle and telephoto systems , similar to the 8 Plus and X-- but the photos look much better on the S9 Plus. The screen and low-light-defeating dual-lens camera really does a selfie good. 

It can also capture super-slow-motion video, which is really fun for creatives. video and, if you’re not, uses its 8MP front-facing camera to paint your face with AR Emoji props and masks.


Samsung really stepped it up with their AR and Bixby integrations. I tried out different makeup looks including purple lipstick a winged eyeliner and green eyeshadow thanks to a new partnership with Sephora and Cover Girl. You can try on make through augmented reality and purchase the items directly from your phone. 


Bixby Vision is something I have been waiting for. Imagine traveling to a foreign country and trying to order odd a menu. Bixby, breaks ground with features like live translation. You can decode a foreign language menu or sign all by pointing your camera at it. The only problem is that though you’ll need data to power this internet-connected feature. So you'll need to ask about the WIFI code on your own before you get this feature up. 

For you health conscious people-- you can also point your camera on a certain food and you'll learn how many calories are in that cake you just ate. It also sync directly with Samsung health so all your data is in one place. 


Samsung came back at Apple's Animoji with its own emojis. . This uses the front 8MP camera to analyze a 2D image of you and then maps more than 100 different facial features to a 3D avatar. They are easy to create and you can send them through texts (even if they don't have a Samsung).




The Galaxy S9 Plus is the best of what Samsung has to offer at a really big size. Its 6.2-inch curved screen is spacious and the design is sleek. 


What phone do you have? Tell me if you would make a switch in the comment section below.