The Smart Kitchen of my Dreams


The secret to a perfectly timed meal is simple: technology.

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. This is my M.O. and something I say often to my husband, especially when it comes to a home cooked meal. And let’s just say, we’re both big fans of take out.

If you’re wondering, yes, I know how to cook, but I really can’t handle the heat and pressure of cooking. Every time I put on the chef hat and say, okay, this is the day I am going to cook, I end up getting frustrated. There’s so much that goes into it – from building grocery lists, making several trips back to the store because I forgot something and even deciding what to cook in the first place.

On top of all that, it’s time to retire our old refrigerator that barely keeps food frozen and our old dishwasher that requires another wash after the fact. Here’s a pro tip: get a kitchen that inspires you and say farewell to all unnecessary inconveniences. Do not cheap out when it comes to the kitchen!

The good news is that homes are getting smarter, and the shift toward connected living is really exciting. Especially for someone like me when it comes to the place where we spend about 60 percent of our waking hours at home.

It’s not a secret, we’re always short on time and need to make every moment count by being as efficient, smart, and connected as possible. Our home is already smart and it’s time for our kitchen to catch up. For my husband I, a kitchen appliance is not enough if it cooks or grills or broils. That’s just the basics. We care just as much about everything being connected to the Internet while still showcasing our modern personal style.

The Connected Kitchen

I was so excited to be invited to check out Samsung’s new Chef Collection of built-in appliances this past week at the 2018 Pacific Coast Builders Conference. Let’s just say, Samsung has the smart kitchen of my dreams. On display at the Samsung booth was a lineup of innovative built-in home appliances from its Chef Collection line, alongside some Instagram worthy pictures of major kitchen goals.

Chef Collection combines sleek, seamless design with cutting edge Samsung technology. Photo credit:  Eric Kayne  

Chef Collection combines sleek, seamless design with cutting edge Samsung technology.
Photo credit: Eric Kayne 

A Smarter Kitchen

Connectivity is the cornerstone of modern homes. In our household, grocery trips involve buying just the right amount of food for our small refrigerator. The problem is that when my husband I go grocery shopping, we rarely remember about how much space is left in the fridge or the freezer, what we need and when the food would go bad.

With the new Family Hub for 2018 refrigerator, those problems go away. The fridge comes with Wi-Fi-enabled built-in cameras inside, which allow you to view what’s inside your refrigerator directly from your phone. So not only can you personalize your fridge with a fully connected screen, temperature-controlled spaces, and four doors stacked with places to store any and all food, but you can see what’s inside your fridge right through an app and on the fridges display. Genius!

The Family Hub refrigerator also comes with cool tech where you can look up recipes and make lists straight from the refrigerator. This is a lifesaver for me. My laptop and phone always end up soiled with my fingertips, and whatever ingredient I was cooking with, as I click back and forth at the recipes and YouTube video tutorials. Press play right on the fridge and listen to your favorite song on Spotify or Pandora via the embedded AKG speaker.

I cannot describe how many times I left the house, with the fear of forgetting to turn the stove off. For the longest time, I was waiting for a company to do something about this. And boom, Samsung is giving my low-key anxiety a break and actually alerts you to turn off your range and convection remotely through the compatible app. This is also give people like me peace of mind with all its connectivity.

Imagine turning on the dishwasher cycle starting after a big night of meal prep. All of this can be controlled from a smartphone, bringing necessary smart technology to the built-in category. Each appliance is commercial grade and designed to be both elegant and seamless! The refrigerator comes panel ready, which allows you to create beautiful built-ins to match your home aesthetic for a sleek overall design.

This is the kitchen of my dreams and exactly the next move for my husband and me, as we plan to build our home. Let me know what type of tech you want to incorporate in your home in the comments below.

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Samsung Home Appliances


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