Sephora + Google Are Bringing Beauty Tutorials to the Newest Home Device


“Ok Google, show me another makeup tutorial.”

Sephora and Google are teaming up to help you go hands-free when using your beauty products. While you’ll still have to actually use your hands to apply the products—sorry, they didn’t invent a way for you to do your makeup while still asleep—the beauty retailer and tech giant are partnering to show off the new Home Home Hub, which will allow you to navigate makeup tutorials without ever touching your phone with a foundation-covered hand.


For the in-store experience, the Google Home Hub is set up in an area to look like a vanity, where customers can ask the smart home device different commands like “Hey Google, show me everyday eyeshadow videos by Sephora” and see how it works. Note cards in the vanity area include the names of the products used in these specific command videos. 

Sephora will now stock the Home Hub in 10 stores nationwide, and even feature a vanity installation in select locations that will show off the beauty-related features of the gadget.

The Google Home Hub—which retails for $149 and comes in four colors—can also be used for non-makeup related tasks, like controlling smart home devices, cooking, and more.