My tech Christmas wishlist for 2016

The holidays are here and you know what that means-- gifts galore! Whether you're already done with everyone on your list or still looking- don't forget about you!

After all, when it comes to picking out a great gift, there is one rule I live by: BUY something that you would like for yourself.

So if you're like me, technology is ALWAYS something to ask for and give. These are things I am asking for but it's hopefully what I will unbox and review for you guys in the future.

Here are my top 5 Christmakah gifts on my wishlist for 2016 that are sure to make you and anyone on your list happy.

1. Nixplay Iris 8" Wi-Fi Cloud Frame

I love the holidays because it's a time that my family comes together and we share memories. AKA everyone is snapping pictures and it's a happy time. But this year, I'm upgrading the memories to the digital age with a digital photo frame.

With the Nixplay Iris WiFi Cloud Frame and app, my family and I can easily share photos with a touch of a button for an instant display. The frames are designed to fit any home decor and are the perfect combination of sophisticated design with cutting-edge technology.

Available for $199
Use the code TECHSESH for 20% off the Nixplay

2. HiMirror Smart Mirror

HiMirror is the world’s first “smart mirror” (yes! even your mirror has gone smart) that provides a personalized beauty and health analysis and consultation as easy as a wave of a hand. Through its intuitive, touch-free design, the HiMirror offers beauty and health conscious individuals in-depth, personalized skincare analysis and product recommendations based not only on the evolving condition of her/his skin, but also local weather conditions and other factors.

Available for $189

3. Ringly Aries Bracelet

You already know my obsession with Ringly's Into the Woods ring. Well, here’s another fan favorite of Ringly, their Aries bracelet. Ringly used the same notification technology in their ring and created a beautiful and tech-savvy  bracelet. Chic with a dash of glam, the Aries Bracelet is great for the busy women who doesn’t want to skimp out on style.

Available for $245

4. Huawei Smart Watch

The Huawei Smart Watch, inspired by luxury-designer watches, is a disguise master. The classically designed face hosts technology that allows you to read texts, connect your favorite apps, use Google Command, and more. The watch is compatible with both Android and iPhone and has a battery life for up to 2 days. Perfect high quality gift for the high quality women in your life.

Available for $299

5. Simply Vera Wang x Fitbit

Fitbit is on a fashion roll! The company announced they are pairing up with several designers (Public School, Tory Burch, and Simply Vera Wang included) to amp up their “look”. Thank goodness because these designs are perfect for the modern woman. The Simply Vera Wang x Fitibit device that comes in a ID bracelet and chic double wrap bracelet look!

Available for $79