App of the week: Apps to Stop Your Phone Addiction

Addicted to your phone? You are not the only one. I WASTE way too much time on my phone, and you probably do too. It seems counterintuitive to use an app to unplug, but in an age where we use our phones for everything- it makes sense to fight fire with fire.

These apps will help you stop checking your phone so much.

1) FOREST- This app helps you control your phone addiction

I'll be honest, I can’t resist looking at MY phone while at work, at the gym and hanging out with friends, this app can really help.

When you want to focus, select for how long and hit Start. The app “plants“ a tree that starts growing when you keep your phone aside. Do anything with your phone and the tree dies. As you keep focusing longer and longer, you build up a forest of your progress. What's cool is that you can earn rewards and even unlock new tree species. Best of all a real plant can be planted.


2) FLIPD- If you need an aggressive approach to unplugging aka YOU'RE BEYOND ADDICTED

Flipd is the app for you. It locks your phone for a set period of time. Once you do, there's no going back. Even restarting your phone wont disable app, read: so if you are a cheater,


3) RESCUE TIME- Do you ever ask yourself,  “Where Did Today Go?”

I have so many distractions in my digital life-- I'm not even counting emails. RESCUE TIME helps me set goals to keep me on track and improve my productivity, since I spend ALL DAY in front of the computer. And it's a real eye-opener. Five minutes on Twitter adds up. My dashboard
shows where most of my time is spent and where I should cut out time wasting time.

There you have it-- simple steps that will help you stop checking your phone so much.

Let me know if there's an app you think works well OR an app you want reviewed. 

App of the week: Coffitivity


Where do you go to get real work done?

As much as I love quiet environments, the mix of calm and commotion in an environment like a coffee shop gives me exactly what I need to get the those creative juices flowing. In fact, I am sitting a the hustle bustle of a restaurant now. I really believe that ambient noise boosts my  productivity and creativity. 

Coffitivity recreates the coffee shop sounds for those looking to tune out a noisy workspace or those looking to add life to a quiet space.

With the app you can pick from a variety of vibes, including, ‘morning murmur,’ (a gentle hum gets the day started), or 'lunchtime lounge,' (bustling chatter of the lunchtime rush).

What's great is that you can also open your favorite music apps while Coffitivity continues to play- so you can have your coffee vibes and your fave song.

The ambient noise of a coffee shop is available on iOS for $1.99; or right onto your desktop for $4.99.

Meet the New XPS 13: Thin, Chic and All Powerful

2017 I spent a lot of my time managing my business in and out of coffee shops, running from meeting to meeting all over town, always on the go. Let’s be honest... it was TOUGH! There were times I wanted to throw my old laptop to the wall-- the images didn’t load fast enough, my photos pixelated, and my audio was not always on point. With 2018 here, a new year means new tech.

Que Dell’s new XPS 13 laptop with captivating Dell Cinema, which features an 8th Gen Intel® Quad Core processor in a stunning new look.

I’ve kept my mouth shut for some time, but I am really excited to share a new laptop that you will love. Thanks to my friends at Dell who invited me to their HQ in Texas a few months back, I got a sneak peak of their latest innovations ahead of CES 2018.

When we arrived in Texas, I had no idea what was lined up for me. Besides their fantastic agenda, which was filled with fun, Austin home-cooking and tickets to Austin City Limits, they showed off their latest visions and tech goods. We went through different innovation rooms and met with powerhouses, designers and engineers who showed us what they have been working on.


I was most excited for Dell’s first-of-its-kind 13-inch Ultrabook, the smallest and most powerful laptop of its size and class— and it is beautiful inside and out. The new XPS 13 comes with 4K display (read highest resolution) and HDR (colors come alive with enhanced detail, vivid hues, sharper brightness and a wider, more nuanced color gamut). I’ve tested out many laptops and this is incredibly thin but still has a modern design. In reimagining the XPS 13, Dell took inspiration from the realm of fashion and designed their new laptop to have either an alpine snow color or a rose gold color. I am SO excited about this new color trend because, as you know, everything I own from my wedding ring to my earrings and even my everyday sneakers are rose gold! If you’re worried that your ballpoint pen will stain your white laptop surface or if are you scared that your niece running around with a Sharpie will ruin your beautiful brand new XPS 13? Not to worry! Dell used a UV and stain resistant coating over the pristine white alpine snow color to prevent any residue damage from permanently sticking (talk about clean!).

Dell is breaking the mold of where technology can live with millennials and how it fits all their lifestyles. You might not realize it, but there is deep engineering work that goes into the studio sound and visual quality on PCs. Because of these insights, the folks at Dell created Dell Cinema-- the combination of three cutting-edge technologies all working in concert for a single purpose: to give the viewer the most immersive, captivating viewing experience. Now with Dell Cinema, you hear and see the content the way its creators intended for it to be heard and seen.


We all know that great visuals and audio sound are vital elements to experiencing great television and that buffering is a top pain point to this experience. In this day in age with all of us constantly on the go, who can say they’re not interested in a computer with a tested 10X less buffering rate? We can enjoy our Game of Thrones season premiere, watch the remaining half of the NFL game, or even stream music without having to deal with interruptions (#score!).

The laptop is not only activated by touch, but also activated by voice and facial recognition. You can log in with a look or a touch with the infrared camera, an optional fingerprint reader in the power button for Windows Hello, or even talk to your device from across the room! Sign me up!

One of my favorite pieces of software pre-installed on this baby is the Dell Mobile Connect, designed to connect with your phone, iOS or Android, allowing you to spend less time wasting time switching between your devices. Best of all, it’s all wireless and will let you make calls, send texts, get notifications, and even fully mirror your phones onto your PC to interact with all their favorite mobile apps.


With all new great technology on the horizon, it’s so wonderful to see companies that care and want to give back, like Dell. Dell’s Ocean Plastics Recycled Packaging initiative earned CES 2018 Best of Innovation because of its work in recycling plastic waste deposited in the ocean into recycled packaging trays. At CES 2018 Dell is announcing a sustainable design movement collaboration with actress and activist, Nikki Reed, in her jewelry collection made entirely from gold recycled from old technology.

The XPS 13 is just the first of many exciting announcements Dell will be making at CES 2018. Follow along for on my Instagram and Twitter so you can stay up to date!

This post is in partnership with Dell.