Bad WiFi slowing you down? Kiss buffering goodbye with eero

I don’t know about you, but I cannot even deal with bad wifi. Especially in my own home! My bedroom was barely getting any signal, and how was I supposed to look at adorable cat pictures while laying in bed?

Not to mention how my husband always seemed to hog the wifi connection! I don’t care how funny your Netflix show is, babe! I have emails to send and videos to watch! Bosslady has to work!

We needed a solution. Enter EERO.

Kiss bad connectivity and dead spot issues goodbye. eero is the world’s simplest and most reliable wifi system. With a router and range extenders, known as beacons, you can cover your entire home with their patented TrueMesh software. Unlike most wifi and extender systems, eero gets automatic security updates and any new threat is addressed immediately and automatically, without you doing anything.


All you need for eero is a modem, internet service, and a cell phone. The eero connects to an app on your phone and supports both iOS and Android. The eero also integrates with Alexa if you own an Amazon Echo.

eero is sleek, small, and will be basically invisible in your home, as has an elegant, white design. It’s so easy to set up that even your husband could do it!

It’s simple for anyone to set up using the smartphone app, and includes features like parental controls, the ability to set up a guest network, and sharing the password with guests over email or through a text message. Buh-bye to the pesky and annoying buffering wheel, WiFi dead zones, and the dreaded reset button. eero gives you peace of mind knowing your WiFi will always work so you can get back to doing what you love to do in your home.

I work from home and when my husband chose to work from the home office, we used to have to take turns doing everything. Even sending emails was a chore and took forever! eero does exactly what it says it will: boosts the internet and blankets my entire home. Thank goodness, because I almost threw my husband’s laptop out the window! No more website-loading roulette!

Especially when you work from home, or have a wifi hog for a husband, it is time to walk into 2017 and upgrade your internet experience. You need the best connection to do your best work!

Getting great wifi all over the house shouldn't be such a headache! Use promo code TECHSESH to get free overnight shipping with the purchase of an eero system and say good-bye to buffering!

This post was made possible in Collaboration with eero.