Fitness apps that keep you on track

Being an entrepreneur means never really being off the clock, so it’s easy to put fitness on the backburner. These days there are so many fitness apps out there promising to motivate you and keep you on track. But it’s so easy to buy an app related to an activity as a substitute for actually doing that activity! So how effective are these apps as opposed to a personal trainer or class instructor? Whether you struggle with motivation or simply don’t have time to get in the gym, here are my top 3 fitness apps that actually get results!

1. The Nike + Training Club app is designed specifically for women (but anyone can use it) and has workouts curated by celebrity trainers, Olympians, and professional athletes. The app tracks your progress the more you use it and has a reward system as encouragement to keep you going. The app lets you personalize your workout by allowing you to link or create your own playlist to go along with the routines. My favorite aspect of Nike +Training Club is that you can enter an end goal into the app, so each workout is tailored to making you reach your fitness goal.


2. No matter how many #MotivationMonday posts you see, motivation can be so hard to find! If the drive to go to the gym eludes you sometimes, the Charity Miles app could be just what you need! Every mile you run or walk raises money for a charity of your choice. Before you start your workout, choose a charity and get moving to help a cause! The Charity Miles app is easy to use and helps make your workout make an impact beyond your fit goals,


3. So much fitness, so little time! If you’re always on the go like me, the 7 Minute Workout Challenge is a must! This app curates daily workouts for you, and they’re only 7 minutes long! The 7 Minute Workout Challenge is a great way to make a work break productive, and get you  moving during a workday. These workouts are pretty intense, so make sure you’re warmed up before starting your challenge.

Bonus Tip: Don’t rely on wearable fitness tech to tell you how many calories you’re burning! While heart rate and speed readings are fairly accurate, research shows that fitness tracking wearables are off by about 27% when it comes to calculating how many calories were burned during a workout.

Whether you’re a natural-born athlete or not, these apps can help get you off the couch and on track to reaching your fitness goals!