App of the Week: Offer Up

Making money moves means making money without actually having to work. And, yes, there are apps for that, heck there are apps for everything! Here's an app to make money on the fly.

OfferUp has been around for a while and makes it super easy for you to take a picture on the go and write a short headline, list a price, and, if you so desire, write a description.

Your post will show up as part of the newest items for sale on the homepage of the app so it gets the attention of eager shoppers.

 OfferUp is particularly great for selling furniture, video games, and household items. Because the homepage of the app mixes in all types of items, you don’t have to worry too much about whether you’ve tagged the item correctly for people to find it. The messaging system also makes it easy for you to chat with prospective buyers and to sort out pickup details.

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