Here is how to relax at your office: App of the Week

Happy #NationalRelaxationDay! It's a busy world out there-- but, remember to take care of you and find a moment, even if it's just a few minutes, to relax.

I say this because I'm terrible at relaxing and taking care of myself. Sometimes I think I’m not wired for downtime - I wait until my body hurts and it needs to be fixed... And when I finally break down to get a massage, I go to the first place I can find, without really knowing or vetting the spot, and I end up hurting more afterwards.

So I had to find a solution. By now, you know I use an an app for everything. I outsource everything from my blowouts, to my manicure, housekeepers and NOW even my massage. Imagine how amazing it would be getting a professional massage without ever leaving your living room. The Zeel app brings you an amazing in home massage with a  touch of a button.

At first I was apprehensive about downloading an app to book a massage, but it was actually so easy — it took me less than one minute  to book an appointment. I just had to enter my name, preferred time and I was all set. I delete a lot of apps from my phone, but this one is here to stay. You’ll see why shortly.

I just ordered the massage and they should be here any minute now. The good thing is that I don’t need to do anything to prep, they bring everything you need and literally turn your living room into a spa for you.

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How it works

You go onto the app or website, pick the type of massage you want - Swedish, Deep Tissue, ooh even a sleep massage. Yes sign me up for that!  You also choose male or female therapist.

Zeel brings same day in home massage, which is so convenient. You can get a massage in as little as an hour’s notice for the time that works for you. From as early as 8 am till 10:30pm. I LOVE this because the traditional spa model does not fit my busy schedule, and if I am being honest, I am a last minute person and I often find that the spa is closed or fully booked. And when my back hurts, my muscles ache (thanks to my trainer) I want a massage right then and there. I don't really want to book in advance.

Zeel offers massages from 60-minute, 75-minute, and 90-minute massage lengths. Then you just book it, make the appointment and they come to your house!

Side note, you can ALSO  order a massages for you and your co-workers at your office, if you are feeling a little tight. Zeel has a Corporate Wellness Program, so tell your HR or boss about them OR, my personal favorite perk of the app, they’ll come to your hotel! With my busy schedule, I’ll be taking Zeel with me wherever I go, which is pretty much everywhere. Zeel is available nationwide.

You’re probably wondering, how can you be sure that your massage therapist isn’t a weirdo, or vice versa?

I get piece of mind knowing that all  the therapists that Zeel sends are licensed, vetted, experienced, and insured. Zeel takes security seriously. All therapists are licensed in their state of practice, insured, experienced, and screened in person by the Zeel team. After you book an appointment you  get a confirmation email with the headshot and bio of the therapist so you know exactly who is coming to the door. Zeel’s ID ID verification process is the first and only such safety process in the massage industry -- and that includes spas.

After the massage you don't need to worry about how much you should tip and no need to do math for the tip, it is already included.  

Verdict:  It truly felt like a high-end spa experience but cost $99. I’d say it’s even better than a traditional in-spa massage, because at the end she packed up and left and I got to wear a robe and drink wine .

Seriously, how can you not enjoy an in home massage? I can take a nap after and not care about the oil in my head. Roll into bed-- because i am already home .

Btw you can pay as you go or even get the membership purchase, which I just got. I love massages.

Want to try it out? Here is a $20 off code: 933o



Huge thanks to the Zeel for sponsoring this video and helping me relax.


 Video by:

Michael Sabet
Ben Schauland-