App of the Week: Huji Cam, This Year’s Trendiest Photo App


Another day and another app.The last major app taking IG photos and videos by storm was KiraKira, which speckled a whole lot of glitter and light flares all over the fashion-y faction of Instagram. The Next Big Thing?

Huji Cam, an app that’s inspired everyone including my mom to take photos as if it were “just like the year 1998.” 

Huji Cam’s been downloaded over 16 million times worldwide. You can't make that up! 

Among its list of noteworthy users are Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian West, Pete Davidson, and basically everyone on your IG feed. Don't believe us? Just take a scroll. 


The #hujicam tag on Instagram has upwards of 300,000 posts. Since its introduction in the iTunes App Store in September (and, in March, the Android version), it stands in the top 10 of the Photo & Video section on the iTunes App Store, and hovers around the top 50 of all free apps. 


A few other similar apps — including, KDPro, Kamon-Cam, KujiCam — have sprung up in its wake. (And another film camera app, Gudak, came first, though its 99-cent price tag seems to have inhibited its success.)

Are you into it?