App of the week: Bumble

Buzzing to find friends? We have the app for you! 


“Will you be my friend?” worked in grade school - but not as easy to do in the adult world. The Bumble app is “changing the rules of the game” by creating a safe and fun space for many different purposes. Dating, friend making, and even networking or business connections, this app has everything you could possibly think of when it comes to meeting new people.  

With technology being the form of communication, it has become harder to make real friends and connections with people without our phones. Our phones have become our virtual best friends, so why not use that with the bumble app to make your online interactions become a potential reality.  If you’re thinking that would be unsafe, don’t worry! Bumble verifies everyone on there so the genuine connections you make are with the genuine person!  

There are three hives to this app - First is bumble, for your dating game. Second is bumble bizz, for networking and establishing business connections. Third is bumble BFF, can we guess what that ones for?

With the separation of each it means youre making the connection you want to make and no ones time is wasted. I think that about settles everything - go out and get your different bumbles on! Download the app and comment below to give me your thoughts on the buzz!