App of the week: Apps to Stop Your Phone Addiction

Addicted to your phone? You are not the only one. I WASTE way too much time on my phone, and you probably do too. It seems counterintuitive to use an app to unplug, but in an age where we use our phones for everything- it makes sense to fight fire with fire.

These apps will help you stop checking your phone so much.

1) FOREST- This app helps you control your phone addiction

I'll be honest, I can’t resist looking at MY phone while at work, at the gym and hanging out with friends, this app can really help.

When you want to focus, select for how long and hit Start. The app “plants“ a tree that starts growing when you keep your phone aside. Do anything with your phone and the tree dies. As you keep focusing longer and longer, you build up a forest of your progress. What's cool is that you can earn rewards and even unlock new tree species. Best of all a real plant can be planted.


2) FLIPD- If you need an aggressive approach to unplugging aka YOU'RE BEYOND ADDICTED

Flipd is the app for you. It locks your phone for a set period of time. Once you do, there's no going back. Even restarting your phone wont disable app, read: so if you are a cheater,


3) RESCUE TIME- Do you ever ask yourself,  “Where Did Today Go?”

I have so many distractions in my digital life-- I'm not even counting emails. RESCUE TIME helps me set goals to keep me on track and improve my productivity, since I spend ALL DAY in front of the computer. And it's a real eye-opener. Five minutes on Twitter adds up. My dashboard
shows where most of my time is spent and where I should cut out time wasting time.

There you have it-- simple steps that will help you stop checking your phone so much.

Let me know if there's an app you think works well OR an app you want reviewed.