App of the week: Mile IQ

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Life is a highway, and I want to deduct my mileage all year long….

I love working efficiently and as smart as possible - but the little things can feel tedious. We all hold on to receipts that we dread organizing for tax season, and tracking (usually rough estimating) the mileage we need to send in for our reimbursement or tax write off.

What if you could have an app that tracks the mileage for you, while you're driving? The only thing you have to do is swipe right for business. From there, it gets smarter. Label what kind of driving it is - was this to a meeting? Were you doing a delivery or picking up supplies? Never question your driving or your mileage reports again.

If you use your car for business more than driving to and from work - there are expenses. Even a quick “can you drop this package off for me” is an expense! And sure, what’s a couple miles? Sometimes, that change at the bottom of your bag is enough for a latte - so that mileage can be the same on your taxes. It’s all in the details.

In the end, I’m saving you cents to the gallon and when you see it turn to whole dollars in April we can all be thankful MileIQ is one smart app!

Mile IQ is free to download and you get 40 free driving records, or 5.99 for unlimited records



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