Must-Have Mac Apps

DSC_2760 PS.jpg

There's an app for everything. Literally everything.

When I am running out of toilet paper, I tap my Amazon app to order toilet paper. When I am feeling tight, I order an in house- massage right to my doorstep through Zeel. You can also tap an app to do your laundry, mail packages, have someone walk your dog and even wait in line. But when you think of apps, you probably don't think about your computer.

Here are some essential apps to have on your Mac that will make your life easier.

Screenie: drag screenshots right from your menu bar.

Magnet: a window manager for Mac, with keyboard shortcuts.

Caffeine: keep your Mac from falling asleep.

Rocket: Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac.

‍♂️ Focus: block distracting websites everywhere.

Cheatsheet: discover all of the best keyboard shortcuts.

Make OS X:Auto-blocking software update notifications