This App Tells You When to Apply SPF


AHH Summer, sometimes I like to call it Sunner. The sunnier, the hotter, the better. That is ...until I finally get out of the sun and turn into a wrinkled tomato (and no my Middle Eastern genes do not help here). As much as I love the sun, we have a love - hate relationship. 

I love to get a tan, but I hate the aftermath burn. So this summer, I decided it's time to be safe and practice sun protection. 

Sun Sun Safety Advisor is an app that estimates the sun's effect on your skin and how much exposure you can handle before getting burned. The apps suggests the level of shielding you need, IE: sunglasses, staying in the shade and even how much sunscreen you should wear when you're outside.  

 Using the current UV Index and your location, the apps gives your 24-hour UV forecast along with personalized recommendations based on your skin type. There's an in app quit that helps you figure this out. 

If the UV index reaches dangerous levels, QSun sends you a notification to stay inside. 

As an extra, the app also tells you about the sunscreen you're using by sacking a bottles barcode to learn about the SPF level and water resistance.

Now I can have happy burn-free summer! What apps are you using this summer? Comment below.