Why you should get a job in tech

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For me being in the tech sector is one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made so I wanted to let you guys in on five reasons why tech is the place to be right now.

1. There’s always so much going on

You’ll never get bored.  Technology is always changing and something new is always getting released. With so much new information there are so many jobs being created so you might not even end up doing what you started off with. It's common to jump into other roles, learning on the fly, and helping execute a project you wouldn't have thought you could do beforehand. Tech wants you to evolve and grow with it, and you definitely will working in the industry. I know, I'm constantly learning new skills! 

2. It’s not your typical 9-5

Many jobs in the tech sector let you be the boss of your time-- meaning you get the job done when you feel like it rather than be locked away in an office 9-5, five days a week. Remember, you still need to get the job done. Working with this flexibility allows you to balance your social life and career on your own terms. 

Plus more of the work is project based so you’ll constantly be working on different and creative things. To add to that, the companies themselves understand that to get inspired work, they need inspired employees - haven't we all heard how fun the Google office is? They take your work environment and incorporate play time which means an engaged brain that doesn't get fried! 


3. Technology is the future

Let’s be honest, who can go a day without going on their phone. Tech is the norm and it’s going to be an even bigger part of our lives in the future-- so it’s very much here to stay. It used to be a career in finance that everyone ran to, now it's the tech industry. And you know what they say "Follow the money!" Not only are people starting their career in tech, but everyone is either incorporating tech positions or people are making career switches! (via)

4. Job Security and Pay

Sometimes it feels good to get into a field that you know you’re going to have a fulfilling career in and one that’s not gonna die out. Like I said earlier, they make the environment fun - when you like where you work, you're more likely to stay. Not only do companies create brand loyalty with consumers, but with their own employees. Happy employeess stay longer, the longer the stay the better they know the company, the more it grows from people who care, and it expands. It's a pretty great cycle. Fun work environments are the future, but it's already the tech industry's present day. 

 Plus, we’re kind of in a tech boom right now so if you’re thinking of applying now would be the time.

5. It’s for everyone

While some might consider technology a boys club, more and more females are joining it and absolutely loving it! From marketing to social media to front end and graphic design--  it doesn’t matter if you speak Python or know Ruby on Rails or have a technical background or not because there are so many different types of jobs and positions available that there’s a place here for everyone.

As time moves on, we're getting introduced to tech earlier and earlier in life - we now have lists like 18 under 18! With ages getting younger, the old rules are being thrown out the window and we're coding some new ones. So don't be afraid to jump in! 

Let me know if you have any questions! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.