ZTE Axon M Dual Screen Foldable Smartphone


Seeing double? Nope, that isn’t your eyes playing tricks on you! The new ZTE Axon M is a dual screen, foldable smartphone that enables you with the ability to multitask in multiple ways. 

 I'm always shuffling between all my emails, tweets, and IG notifications


The two HD screens combine, giving us a 6.75” display, making a small tablet for our use. This is could be double-trouble when it comes to binge-watching the new Netflix Originals, as you now can have a bigger screen to watch when out on the town!

Not ONLY can you watch the Netflix show on the ZTE Axon M, but you also can do a Mirror effect, flipping over the other side of the phone. This lets your friend sitting across from you, watch the show with you too!


Mirror mirror on the wall, with this phone, we are the fairest of them all!

With a Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0 allowing you to talk for 28.7 hours, a 20 MP camera with 4K video capability, and a headphone jack, you might need to have a double-take look at the ZTE Axon M this November, as you probably will find yourself LOVING it as much as I did!

Last week, I had the pleasure of being ZTE's virtual host and went to NYC for the big phone unveiling. I am into this phone. Would you get one? 

This post was made possible in collaboration with ZTE.