Kiwi is the new way to email

I always complain that email is one of my biggest distractions (ehem not counting Instagram and Snapchat), and that using email ends up wasting a lot of valuable time. On top of it, I have four separate emails accounts I need to manage every day! I switch back and forth between accounts and Google Drives countless times a day while keeping open multiple tabs just to keep track.

And I know I'm not alone, I have many clients asking me how to stay better organized with emails and how to be efficient with email workflow.

Enter: Kiwi app


Kiwi a new Google Mail app that I have been using which will help make your workflow much more effective ... because none of us want to spend time in our email app. Whether you get 20 or 100 daily emails, managing email has become an important part of modern day work and this can help.

Here are 3 of my favorite features that make Kiwi worthwhile:

1. All-in-One

This desktop Gmail Client can support multiple email accounts, notifications, Google Drive, Hangouts, Attachments, and G-Suite, (sweet!)

Say goodbye to endless email tabs!  Who doesn't love extensions- from Boomerang and Rapportive to Contactually, and Grammarly (get this you don't have it already!) --- there's always a way to get more out of your inbox.

Bummer they don't have MailTrack yet, an extension that notifies you when people open your emails, but don't fret- the company is working on adding more plugins in the near future.


2. Shortcuts

Use Gestures and avoid the back button forever. Also, there is a compose window that is simple and clean, making email almost as easy as texting.

The One-click apps toolbar makes access to G Suite even easier. Hello efficiency! Let's not forget to mention my favorite feature: in-app account switching, allowing me to manage my different counts, frustration free!

3. Zen

I battle distraction on a daily basis:  An interesting article on Twitter. An inbox full of e-mails. After liking five pictures on Instagram, I finally got to writing this post. But then back to email, and we all know how stressed out and overwhelming email can be sometimes... or all the time. With the Zen switch, you can stop distractions. It's like a Do Not Disturb button. With this, you can disable notifications and email accounts to help clear your mind, and reduce distractions for your most important tasks.

Let’s face it. None of us want to spend time on email. We all have more important and fun things to do and Kiwi can make it seamless.

Want to learn more about Kiwi? Check out their site, here!