A bluetooth-connected tampon, my.Flow

Not sure when to change your tampon? There's an app for that!

Not sure when to change your tampon? There's an app for that!


There are internet-connected bras, pregnancy tests, smart vibrators, Kegel exercisers, and now-- there's a tampons that connect to your smartphone. It's called My.Flo.

This Bluetooth tampon— yes, you read that correctly— lets a user know when the tampon needs to be changed. It's basically the smartest thing you can put in your vagina aka nature's pocket, as Broad City calls it.

The startup (currently looking for additional funding) aims to solve the problem of "period anxiety" (leaking on your monthly blood bath) and reducing the incidence of toxic shock syndrome.

Let's talk about menstruating

Most menstruating women have experienced a leaky tampon at one time or another, so it makes sense to try to solve this problem, right? Sure. But my.Flow seems unnecessarily uncomfortable.

While the original concept included a Bluetooth module inside the tampon, my.Flow found that many users were uncomfortable with having electronics shoved up their hoo hah. Umm yea, technology is cool: BUT not down there.

The latest version is a tampon with an extra long string that connects to a Bluetooth module on your waist, according to the Guardian

Here's how it works

After you insert the tampon, you connect this string to a Bluetooth-enabled device attached to your waist; this device is then wirelessly paired to your phone. 

Then the monitor will glow, and begin sending info to the matching app on your phone and you'll be able to calculate the amount of time left before your tampon is full and you have to go desperately running for the bathroom.

My.flow is expected to retail for $50 for the Bluetooth waistband module and $13 for a month’s supply of tampons. Traditional tampons usually cost between $9 and $10 a month.

Would you try it out?