10 things that blew my mind at CES 2017

CES 2017 is over and I am still thinking about it! And as always it didn't disappoint, there were so many exciting and new gadgets released this year that we didn’t know where to look!

Read on to find all about our top 10 products that we just could not get over, and are most likely to catch on.

1. Toyota Concept-i

The Toyota Concept-i was one of our highlights for this year's CES, not only does it have a very modern and sleek design it also comes with a little companion for you named Yui. Yui is an artificial intelligence system built to act like a friend for your journeys. It can even detect when you’re sad and tries to make you feel better, no need for a friend now that you’ve got Yui right?  Plus the awesome sliding doors the car has are a bonus as well.  Unfortunately it's not up for sale yet but Toyota is going to start testing its many features on Japan’s road pretty soon.

2. Stages Hero and Sidekick

Okay so have you ever had this problem where you’re blasting music in your headphones and youre mom is calling you downstairs? Or your headphones are too loud that you've missed the doorbell? Well don’t worry, with the new Stages Hero and Sidekick. These bad boys filter out incoming sounds of your choice, making it possible to have a proper conversation with a friend whilst listening to some of your fave beats. I mean these headphones take multitasking to the next level!  The “Early Bird” pricing for them is at $199 for the Sidekick and $299 for the Hero,

3. SONY A1 Bravia OLED TV

SONY is the latest company to release its new OLED TV and we are all for it. OLED image quality has a wider palette of colors and the Bravia A1E is also the first large screen TV to emit the sounds from the actual screen allowing it to have crisp, stereo sound audio quality.

Pricing is yet to be announced and it is set to be released around summer 2017.

 4. UBTECH Lynx

The world's first video-enabled humanoid robot, powered through Amazon’s Alexa and its the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. It does more than just send emails, play music or live stream videos but has facial, vocal and image recognition as well as emotion detection. Making Lynx more of a little friend around the house rather than a machine to do your chores. When released later on this year it will cost between $800-$1000.


Its known as the “worlds smallest laptop charger” and when yu see it, it really is! Perfect for taking it anywhere with you, whether it be to a Starbucks, your office or traveling. It can neatly fit in your bag or purse and works with any USB Type-C laptops such as the MacBook. The DART-C can also join on the the original dart, which works with all of the major laptop brands. You can preorder the DART-C for $34.99.

 6. PowerRay Aquatic Drone:

Drones have officially taken over! They’ve completely changed the way we take photos (for the better I may add) but the PowerRay Aquatic Drone takes it to the next level. As well as having the ability to go up to 100 feet deep under water, all whilst live-streaming to VR googles or a mobile you can actually fish with it, yeah you read that right. They have sonar motion sensors that can detect any movement under water from up to 131 feet, and have the ability to cast a line and lure them in with a blue light. Fishing now has a completely new meaning to it.

You get them right now for $1,200.


Using VR goggles is really the better way to play games, however, many people feel chained to their computers when putting them on. The HTC Vive has totally changed that as its completely wireless. Now you can literally play games whilst running laps at the same time. The great part of it is, the resolution quality is exactly the same as it was with a wire and there will be no lagging. The kit is to sell for $250 later on this year.

8. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 


After the Success of the Surface Pro 3, which many might say inspired a lot of spin off 2-in-1 laptops, Microsoft has now released the Surface Pro 4 which is similar to the 3 but with a few upgrades. It's thinner and sleeker in size as well as having a bigger screen. Making it light enough to use for travel but powerful enough so it can be used as a full-scale computer. You can buy it now at a starting price of $899.99


SONY has some competition, as Samsung released its new series of QLED TVs during the CES 2017. The image quality has drastically improved as the colors are more accurate as well as having more viewing angles creating a bright overall image. You can choose from three different TV styles (the flat Samsung Q9F, curved Q8C, and the Q7, having the option of being flat or curved.) And four different sizes 55, 65, 75 and 88 inches. There is no current fixed price available on it but you can expect them to be released in March 2017.


10. Panasonic Lumix GH5 Mirrorless Camera

Out all of the amazing cameras we saw at CES this one stood out because of its great technical features. With a powerful 4K HDR camera that goes beyond the latest dynamic range with the HD recording happening at 60 frames per second. There isn't a camera that comes close to this one. You can pre-order it now and the body is up for $2,000.