CES 2019: Beauty Tech, Smart Home and AI

CES 2019 is here and in full swing. I like to call it the Super Bowl for nerds, but that has changed This show is for everyone and I mean literally everyone. I’ve been attending this show for the last 9 years and still getting excited every year. The things we see on the show floor comes out 2-4 years later and I get to see and try them out first-hand.

So what are some things we expect to see at CES? The overall trends we think 2019 will bring ?

Everything from beauty bots, to IoT and the smart home. They include everything from connected toilets to an increasing number of cellular providers for IoT.

Smart home devices will see robust growth, as connected home devices get smarter and start giving  information to one another. In the near future, a home security cameras will incorporate object recognition, so it can distinguish between the UPS driver and a family member coming to the door.

This year’s lifestyle tech trend? Skincare! The beauty bots are coming and we’re all going to look ah-maze-ing in 2019 (sans any Botox). We've seen everything from smart mirrors to an in-store AI skincare assistant called Lumini, which snaps a picture of your face, analyzes skin in different zones, and recommends products to address problems like pigmentation and sebum.

Next up, Neutrogena is looking to personalize your skincare with a brand new 3D-printed sheet mask, set to roll out to consumers later this year. To purchase the custom-fit mask, users upload a selfie to the Mask iD app, where they’re able to share their skincare needs to get personalized formulas. L’Oréal is also upping its tech game with a prototype of a wearable sensor, made in collaboration with La Roche-Posay, that measures the skin’s pH levels and won “Best of Innovation” in the Wearable Technology Products category. And, finally, Simplehuman—the company that made trash cans chic—is entering the beauty accessories business with the launch of its Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi and Sensor Mirror Hi-Fi Assist, which start at $350 and hit stores in the spring. “Ughhh” said our overcrowded bathroom counter.

Kohler is also bringing smarts to your bathroom. The company wants to put Amazon's Alexa in your bathroom mirror and bring your toilet, your tub and your shower online.

This year I’ll be taking over WE Communications Instagram and Twitter- so be sure to follow along for some behind the scenes goodness coming out of Vegas. I’ll also Vlog from the show floor and give you a glimpse of the best of CES and the most have baby tech devices. Stay tuned for that on YouTube.