Why I upgraded from a bed-in-a-box and you should too: DUX bed review

Duxiana Luxury Bed

For a while I blamed the fact that I was short on sleep on my pregnancy-- but here’s the truth: it was mostly because of the bed-in-a-box I was sleeping on. Yes, pregnancy had a lot to do with it too, but even my husband would complain about the discomfort and our uncomfortable sleeping situation.

The Solution? Upgrading to a new bed. We decided that it was time we wear our adult pants (hey we’re about to have a kid soon) and invest in ourselves and sleep (or lack thereof after baby comes).

DUX is a legendary Swedish-made spring-based (continuous coil) bed and they invited my husband and me to try it out and to get the best sleep. The brand features individualized comfort on each side of the mattress. We were definitely into trying it out. I mean, who doesn’t want to try one of the most technologically advanced beds on the luxury mattress market?

So, you are probably wondering how can a high-end bed or let’s say furniture benefit you in your sleep? Is it wise or necessary to make so big an investment?

The answer is yes, read on…

Duxiana Luxury Bed

Finally, I can relax and rest before baby gets here.

Duxiana Luxury Bed

Did You Know? 50-70% of all pregnant women suffer from back pain during pregnancy. I am one of them, unfortunately. I was sold on the fact that the DUX bed allows you to change the bed to compensate for body changes during pregnancy, then back again.

It’s called the Pascal system (available in most DUX models) and it allows you to change the level of firmness in three different sections, simply by changing interchangeable spring cassettes (three on each side of the bed).

This is especially great when you’re preggo, allowing you to insert firm springs in the middle of the bed. This prevents your abdomen from sinking into the bed, helping to prevent the lower back pain and other discomforts so common among pregnant women during sleep.

It all starts with the springs. DUX makes its own springs (most mattress manufacturers buy springs from the same factories), which lets them control every aspect of product. I am really into that! Using over a mile of Swedish steel, they create a single system of 4,000 springs. FYI,.most beds have only 1,000 springs.

How does it work? It works like an “active” suspension system.

The interconnected spring system adjusts itself to the weight and shape of your body. It moves as you move. It conforms to your changing contours, and I love that it’s flexible enough to let my shoulders and hips sink in, but still resilient enough to rise up and support my lower back. This was important for both myself and my 6’4” husband.

Longevity Each year, 15-20 million mattresses find their way into U.S. landfills. With its component design, every piece of the bed is replaceable, down to the springs.

Unlike most other mattresses (like the bed in a box/foam bed ones that end up in landfills and are a detriment to mother earth) DUX Beds have a considerably extended lifespan with replacement parts, like a new topper.

Duxiana Luxury Bed
Duxiana Luxury Bed

Pregnant? A study by researchers from the University of California at San Francisco found that women who slept fewer than 6 hours per-night had longer labors and were 4.5 times more likely to have c-section deliveries. Based on these findings, I knew that both sleep quantity and sleep quality is something to take seriously.

Moving to a luxury bed that helps with sleep, especially during pregnancy and after baby comes was a total no brainer for us.

Try it out for yourself.

Duxiana Luxury Bed

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