Twitter is ramping up its effort to curb online harassment

Twitter introduces a mute button for trolls, I spoke with CBS LA about the update


Over the next few days ( and at a pivotal moment), Twitter is introducing a mute filter, muted conversation threads, and user report infrastructure in an effort to curb online harassment and win back its platform from the trolls.

The company will add new features to help users block content they don’t want to see in their mentions and notifications and will let people filter out words, phrases and emojis. Instagram rolled out a similar feature this year. 

The company is also revamping its abuse reporting system so people can report harassment and hate speech directly.

Twitter’s move comes after an election cycle where there were plenty of prime examples of Twitter’s shortcomings in policing harassment on the network during this year’s election.

Among many troubling incidents, an anti-Semitic movement on the social network. The company has been repeatedly criticized for not moving
quickly enough to combat harassment on its site.