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Transforming tech through story telling, education and awareness is my favorite thing about my job. Being a tech expert I develop new ways to communicate tech trends to a variety of audiences, that is not only entertaining but relevant and effective. With a bounty of tech gadgets and tools out there to make life a little less crazy, my intention is boost tech-illiteracy into universal tech-savviness. Wouldn't the world be better if we could all use tech to it's full potential? 

You: the user, the brand, or start-up professional are my priority.

I provide top-notch, holistic guidance for brands & start-ups in need of a tech-steroid injection to augment their brand positioning & media strategy. My fluency of tech-world trends enables emerging companies with knowledge of effective promotional strategies, product development, and brand evangelization. My services are catered towards companies with focused budgets, being the optimal solution for start-ups brands and professionals. 

Still curious about what I do? Check out  the descriptions below and let me know how I can provide my skills & experience to your brand.



As a sculpted and groomed tech-journalist, story-telling is my calling. I've hosted and produced content for the web and TV for a number of top clients including: CNBC, Los Angeles Times, and Girl's Lounge (to name a few). I travel the world delivering keynote speeches and dynamic presentations on innovations in technology, as well as hosting and moderating various panels and presentations.



Throughout the years I've worked with many startups to help test their products, figure out their social media strategies, and evangelize. I work closely with the product and marketing teams of these companies, create content that educates, informs, entertains, and engages. 




Located in Los Angeles, the hub of entertainment, I know brand special events. Specializing in techfluencer dinner production, I can strategize guest curation, develop media strategy, host your event, and boost social media traffic & user interaction with your brand. As a spokesperson for multiple tech events, I believe it is imperative to include event curation promotion into your marketing plan for your brand.