3D Printed Shoes, The Perfect Fit


 Tech has forced the fashion industry to adapt or fall behind. But tech also brings idea, innovation and promise to the industry.

One of the biggest game changers at the intersection of fashion and tech is 3D printing. I have always wanted to see a product that came out of a printer, so I checked out the 3D Printed Feetz shoes called, Toyko Platform Heels.

The innovations taking place at the intersection of fashion and technology are profoundly amazing and transformative. Find out if these shoes are comfy and how soon your next pair of shoes could come from a 3-D printer.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: First Impressions


Thanks to the nice folks at Samsung, I  got an early look at the new Galaxy S9 Plus, and it was perfection in a phone. 

Some Specs:

  • Stunning display
  • Headset jack
  • Strong reception and fast wireless network support
  • Multiple security features, including an iris scanner
  • Fast and wireless charging
  • microSD expansion card slot
  • High level water and dust resistance


The Galaxy S9 plus screen comes in at 6.2 inches, much bigger than the iPhone X. I am a big fan of the screen taking up the real estate. 



The S9 Plus camera quality is not comparable to an iPhone X.

Sue, the S9+ is equipped with a dual camera system, featuring wide-angle and telephoto systems , similar to the 8 Plus and X-- but the photos look much better on the S9 Plus. The screen and low-light-defeating dual-lens camera really does a selfie good. 

It can also capture super-slow-motion video, which is really fun for creatives. video and, if you’re not, uses its 8MP front-facing camera to paint your face with AR Emoji props and masks.


Samsung really stepped it up with their AR and Bixby integrations. I tried out different makeup looks including purple lipstick a winged eyeliner and green eyeshadow thanks to a new partnership with Sephora and Cover Girl. You can try on make through augmented reality and purchase the items directly from your phone. 


Bixby Vision is something I have been waiting for. Imagine traveling to a foreign country and trying to order odd a menu. Bixby, breaks ground with features like live translation. You can decode a foreign language menu or sign all by pointing your camera at it. The only problem is that though you’ll need data to power this internet-connected feature. So you'll need to ask about the WIFI code on your own before you get this feature up. 

For you health conscious people-- you can also point your camera on a certain food and you'll learn how many calories are in that cake you just ate. It also sync directly with Samsung health so all your data is in one place. 


Samsung came back at Apple's Animoji with its own emojis. . This uses the front 8MP camera to analyze a 2D image of you and then maps more than 100 different facial features to a 3D avatar. They are easy to create and you can send them through texts (even if they don't have a Samsung).




The Galaxy S9 Plus is the best of what Samsung has to offer at a really big size. Its 6.2-inch curved screen is spacious and the design is sleek. 


What phone do you have? Tell me if you would make a switch in the comment section below. 








App Of The Week: Tailor


Whether it be doing my makeup, planning my schedule, or deciding what restaurant I want to eat at, everything I do in my life all comes back to an App. This is why I have decided to start an App of the Week!

 Our first app of the week is called Tailor - Screenshot Stitching.


Tailor is an app that stitches your screenshots together in a super simple way, in order to save long web pages and chat threads. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  1. Take overlapping screenshots of the conversation, email, webpage, etc.
  2. Upload them to Tailor.
  3. Tailor will detect the overlapping and create one long, seamless image of the text!

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think.

If there’s an app you want reviewed, let us know! 

iPhone X: Is The Wait Actually Over?

iPhone X is here.png

The iPhone X is officially available for pre-order but it looks like even if you try to order online now, the soonest you'll get your eyes (remember not hands, no home button) on the very anticipated device is in mid to late December. 

Or, if you want one sooner, you could risk your sanity by waiting in line at an Apple store on Friday November 3. Although, we don't really suggest that.

If you remember our breakdown in September, the new phone ditched finger print scanning for facial recognition and features a large and in charge screen. Watcg more about the phone that starts at a whopping $1,000 below.


 iPhone X Features:

  • No home button
  • It's all screen, 5.8-inch super retina screen, OLED screen
  • Face ID to unlock the phone- your face is now your password (chances of tricking face ID is one in a million)
  • Face ID feature authorizes apple pay and also animates emoji's, aka "animoji's"
  • Durable glass on front and back
  • Wireless charging
  • Stereo speakers are 25% louder
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Your photos won't be shaky because of the optical image stabilization on both rear 12-megapixel camera lenses
  • Comes in two colors: space gray and silver. RIP matte black, jet black, and rose gold
  • Selfie upgrade: portrait mode on the front-facing camera with portrait lighting
  • Custom battery lasts up to two hours longer between charges compared to iPhone 7
  • Starts at $999 for 64 GB 
  • 256 GB option costing $1,149 
  • Available November 3rd

Will you be buying the iPhone X? Let us know in the comments below!

Apple's new iPhone event: fact vs. fiction


Raise your hand if you're excited for the new iPhone! The wait will be over soon, because Apple'S event will take place on September 12th. This year's event is especially important since it marks the 10 year anniversary of the original iPhone. So with all the rumors and speculation about the new iPhone, what's fact and what's fiction? 

apple invtie.png

FACT: We can say with some certainty is that we will get three new iPhones and one of them will likely look and feel entirely different from the rest. The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X, the tenth anniversary edition of the handset that’s a premium device and commemorative figurine all rolled up in one.

The first two are basically what they sound like, logical extensions of last year’s model.

FACT: iPhone X is expected to be the most expensive iPhone ever. Pricing is expected to start around $1,000.

FACT: The iPhone 8 is being released, and it may be the trendiest one yet. Photos have leaked online showing new colors like "blush gold." For the full color range of the phones, we will have to wait for the official unveiling, though. 

FACT: Apple will also release a new Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch will have cellular data this time, so no need to pair it to your phone's wifi anymore. You can leave your phone behind on your next jog, just bring your watch! 

FACT: Apple will be unveiling a new Apple TV with a ton of new features. The new model of Apple TV will support video games, something the older version couldn't do. Other new features for Apple TV are still being kept quiet for now! 

FACT: Apple is also going to show an updated verison of their HomePod at the event. Watch out, Alexa! Everyone's favorite girl genius will be built into the newest version - that's right, the new HomePod will have Siri to help us all get through the day. The new model will also allow you to play music and even order an Uber right from the HomePod! 


Rumors suggest:

  • An OLED edge-to-edge display

  • No physical Home button.. Instead  facial recognition to unlock the device

  • A vertical dual-camera setup

  • Wireless charging

  • Other brand new features will debut on the high-end iPhone 8.

So those are the facts, but what about all those crazy rumors you've heard all summer about Apple's new releases? 

FICTION: The new iPhone will be called the "iPhone Pro." Some outlets have speculated that Apple will stop using their standard number or "S" naming for the new iPhone, but this is all just guesswork. 

FICTION: Apple will not be releasing the Apple Car this year. The release for Apple Car is slated for 2020, so we'll just have to wait a little while longer! 

While some rumors like what colors the new iPhone will be haven't been confirmed, I sure hope Apple releases some trendy-looking tech! What new gadgets and features are you most excited to see on September 12? 


These apps and gadgets will spice up your Labor Day


It's official, summer is coming to an end! But before we get into fall, Labor Day is here to give us all one more chance at summer relaxation before the weather starts to change! Whether you're hanging out poolside, enjoying a neighborhood barbeque, or just watching Netflix this year, these apps and gadgets will make your Labor Day one for the books. 


Labor Day is a great chance to get outside and listen to tunes! The Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker is small, portable, and most importantly, waterproof! It's perfect for a poolside party or a day at the beach. The Wonderboom speakers can float in the pool and be paired to augment the sound. The small speaker is afforable too, get it for $99 here


I don't know about you, but I love the chance to get out of town on Labor Day weekend! Luckily, there is tech that I can take wherever I go. With Trakdot, I can keep an eye on my luggage when I fly, or even drive, to a destination. Nothing puts a hamper on a holiday weekend like lost bags, so Trakdot's patented technology uses cellular networks to transmit your bags' location to you. 

mophie 1.jpg

When you're celebrating a long weekend, the last thing you want to worry about is your phone battery dying! A portbale chager is a must year-round, but especially when you're trying to capture all the fun moments at the end of summer. Enter Mophie. Mophie's portable chargers have enough juice to recharge your phone two times before it even needs to be plugged in. And the best part? Mophie is super affordable, with their standard charger priced at $39.99. 

Staying connected even on your days off is so important, not to mention how great it is to share all the fun you're having. Summer isn't officially over for another few weeks, but you can enjoy these gadgets beyond September 21st! 

If you're traveling, don't leave the house without these apps

I am so excited to be on my honeymoon right now! My husband and I are overseas, so of course I had my eyes out for the best travel tech to take along! Here are some of my favorite apps to make traveling a breeze.

You never know when it might break out into a thunderstorm , or a heatwave can come out of nowhere! With Carrot Weather, you can quit trying to decipher the weather forecast on the evening news, especially if it’s in a foreign language! Carrot Weather adds a little humor to your weather forecast, with more than 2,000 lines of snarky commentary to go along with in-depth and easy-to-read weather updates.

There’s nothing scarier than getting lost in a foreign country! Citymapper makes it super easy to get around, wherever you are! Whether you’re trying to find the most visited landmark in the city or a hole-in-the-wall burger place, Citymapper can get you there. After your trip, Citymapper will even give you a digital receipt, complete with how may cupcakes you burned off on your walk!

The TripIt app lets you be your own travel agent and plan every moment of your trip. You can forward your email confirmations from flights, hotels, and rental cars, then sit back and watch the app work its magic and create your custom itinerary. You can get TripIt in the App Store for free or pay 99 cents for an ad-free version.

What are your favorite travel apps and gadgets? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Samsung Galaxy S8 is here with the biggest redesign ever


With super slim bezels and software buttons, this Samsung’s biggest redesign ever!

Samsung is betting on jam-packed features and a slick design to take back the No. 1 spot in global smartphone sales-, and If it succeeds, Samsung can go back to being one of the premier smartphone makers.

Apart from making sure that the gadget won't catch fire this time, this phone is a big deal, it has tons of functionality!

The Samsung S8 has a taller, curved screen, encrypted facial recognition, deeper display colors, a system-wide voice control, and the ability to turn into a desktop computer! What!

Bixby, the new Samsung voice assistant, lets you control the device with your voice. With Siri on the iPhone, you need to hold down the home button and you can only do certain actions in the voice application, but on the Samsung phone, it's a system-wide voice control with a ton of extra uses and features, and the facial recognition is very interesting as well, with encryption for sending payments and more.

How critical is the S8 for Samsung right now? 

This is really make-it-or-break-it for Samsung. If it succeeds, Samsung can go back to being one of the premier smartphone makers. If it flops, then Samsung is in a really bad position, especially after the bad press and marketing around the battery explosion situation with the Note7 last fall. Samsung definitely needs a win with this device.

2017 is a year of massive change for smartphone industry. We are looking at screens as a key component of that. Earlier this year, LG came out with a taller display for their G6 phone and Samsung is now transitioning to that with their S8. There are no bezels around the screen itself, the screen sizes are actually much larger, but the phones themselves are much smaller. So it's more productivity, more features, but in a smaller handset which is what people want these days!

If Samsung doesn't get good reviews and positive feedback, then Apple is right on their heels. Apple is announcing their new phone this fall, and it is likely to have a lot of the features we saw Samsung introduce today. And you know that with Apple's manufacturing expertise, they are not likely to have any explosion issues like Samsung did last year. It's going to have the smaller bezels on the side, a sharper OLED display, and more, so the competition is really going to heat up towards the holiday season!

You can pre-order the phones beginning at 12:01 a.m. on March 30, on Samsung.com. They will officially be available on April 21. Both models come in three pretty colors: Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, and, our personal favorite, Orchid Gray.

Samsung Galaxy S8: rumors, specs, and more

It's hard to get the images of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones exploding out of our heads, but there are rumors that Samsung is at it again. This time with the Galaxy S8, set to be released this April.

So what will the phone look like? Well, it’s big! This one won’t be fitting into our girl-pockets, with 5.8 inch and a 6.2 inch options, which are bigger than the Note! The S8 will have an infinity display, with the curved sides like the Edge, and is said to be way more energy efficient.

The back of the phone has a relocated fingerprint scanner, and the front is very different, with no physical home button at all. You read that right, no physical home button at all!

Samsung phones have always taken gorgeous pictures, in fact many of my Instagram pics are snapped with a Samsung, instead of my beloved iPhone. 

If you love Siri and Alexa, get ready for Bixby, Samsung’s new personal assistant! I love the name Bixby, and can’t wait to try it out, along with the long lasting battery life and yes, they are keeping the headphone jack! No extra dongles just to listen to music!

First reported by Venture Beat, there is a new picture of the Samsung Galaxy S8, being unveiled on March 29 and is set for worldwide release on April 21

 This new render is basically an official Galaxy S8 press photo

This new render is basically an official Galaxy S8 press photo


CES’s 2017 top gadgets for your home

The perfect gadget has the power to literally transform your life and we saw so many at CES that you could use around the house all from health, beauty and even for the kitchen. Check them out below:

1.  Digitsole Self-Lacing Shoes

Described as the world's first intelligent footwear these shoes have the ability to lace themselves up and are controlled by downloading an app onto your phone. To top it all of there lined with thermal insoles that heat up your feet always keeping them toasty and warm. The shoes also features wireless charging with a battery that lasts up to eight hours. I mean that's a lot of features for just shoes. And are not available for sale yet but will be for sale later on this year.  

2. The HiMirror

The Hi-Mirror is like your average mirror but a million times smarter. The camera on the mirror analyzes your face to highlight any problems such as wrinkles, pigmentation, discoloring etc. Then it goes on to recommend the best products to fix these imperfections. And if that's not enough for you, you can even get the HiMirror Plus, which has five different environment settings and make up lighting scenarios. As well as having extra memory embedded within it so you can track and see the improvement of your skin over time. Both mirrors are available now for starting price for the Hi-Mirror is $189

3. Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Okay so who agrees that sleeping is their favorite part of the day? Guilty as charged! So that's why it’s so important to invest in the perfect bed. The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is that bed. It uses intelligent biometrics to change the mattresses sleep settings, accommodating to any position you take during the night. Sleeping with your partner? No problem, the 360 offers two different settings for each half of the bed. And that's not all it also lightly heats up the bottom of the bed to keep your feet toasty and it can also tell if someone in the bed is snoring and increases the incline of the bed to reduce it. You can also connect the bed to your phone to check out your sleeping patterns and change the settings. The 360 will make it even harder for you to get out of the bed in the mornings and will be released later on this year.

5. Moen’s U Connected Shower

Forget about those too hot or too cold water hits from the shower with the Moen’s U connected shower. Just attach the shower to your smartphone to adjust to your perfect temperature before jumping in the shower. Perfect for when you’re rushing for work in the morning. Moens U can connect up to four different water outlets, as well as coming with a digital control panel, so you can be precise with your settings because we all know the temperature of the water in our shower is serious business. It will be released on the 1st of March for a starting price of $1160

6. The Polaroid Pop Funky Instaprint Camera

Okay so who doesn't love instant cameras, I mean having the photo right in your hand straight after taking it, is a whole other experience. What puts me off is the quality of the photo. The pop-funky has now merged the traditional digital camera with the printed camera so you can now have the best of both worlds. Get it now for the starting price of $129.99

7. The Hello Egg

Cooking in the kitchen can at times be such a bore! That can completely change with the Hello Egg who aims to make time in the kitchen fun and is controlled through your voice. The most unique about the hello egg is its screen which is contoured to the shape of the egg, giving it a very futuristic look. The egg looks up recipes that you wish to make and then projects it on the screen, giving you audio as well as visual instructions, and also letting you go back and forth between each step without ever touching the egg. It has its own special charm and is a great friend for the kitchen. The egg is not available yet but will have a starting price of $120. 

8. Samsung’s S-Skin

Okay so the Hi-Mirror tells us what's wrong with our face, but the Samsung’s S-Skin takes it up a notch by treating the skin problems as well as identifying them. This is done through micro needles which patches and penetrates the skin. Baby face here I come! The price is not yet available for this yet.

9. Motiv Smart Ring

Be fit in style, the Motiv Smart ring is designed to be something that is kept on you 24/7. The ring is waterproof, made of titanium, has a five-day battery life and Bluetooth connectivity. Measuring everything from how many minutes you’re active to distanced traveled, calories burned and so on.  There have been many fitness gadgets, but most of them haven’t captured Motivs essence by being so stylish, sleek and barely there. The ring is available to pre-order now from the Motiv website for $199.99.

10. The LeEco Smart Bike

Ever get lost whilst riding a bike? Well that’ll be a thing of the past with the LeCo Smart Bike as it comes with a 4-inch touch screen attached to the frame of the bike. The screen has a built in GPS and fitness tracker perfect to help keep you in shape. You can connect all of this with the LeCo app on your phone and the screen is also water resistant so whatever the weather you’ll have no excuse not to work out! The bike has not been released yet but is expected to be around $800.

Holiday gift guide for him

The holidays are here! If you're still looking for the perfect gift for your brother, boyfriend of even Dad, that means one thing: gadget time. 

Of course bae will love anything you gets him, and Dad will be happy with a card. But this year, give him a gift he will actually use. I've put together a gift guide for the men who have it all. These are things he definitely won't expect, but has always dreamt of.


1. Samsung Gear IconX : $199

Cord-free fitness earbuds


Folding electric bike

3. Snapchat Spectacles: 129

Snapchat for your face

4. Nintendo NES CLASSIC EDITION: $60

Old School Nintendo

5. Discovery Drone with Camera & WiFi: $139

Drone with camera and wifi

Gadgets to keep unhealthy entrepreneurs healthy

It's no secret, an entrepreneurs life is filled with sleepless nights, long working hours, and constant meetings-- that only means there's not much time for eating healthy and staying fit (I'm eating a frozen pizza right now and haven't seen the gym in days). 


Because health is a huge concern for the ever busy entrepreneur (including myself), I've rounded up the best gadgets that help you stay healthy. Instead of having to watch yourself every second of the day, gadgets like these can do that for you.

Smart fork: The smart fork by Apollo Box is a must have for those of us with little self-control when it comes to indulging, and indulging fast. This fork alerts you with simple vibrations to let you know when you're eating too fast. Fast fact? Eating slower will help you consume fewer calories.

It takes 15-20 minutes to feel satisfied, by simply slowing down your pace while eating, you will consume fewer calories.

Here's a discount code: TECHSESH

Fitbit: Using a Fitbit is all the rage- count your steps, monitor your heart rate and more. This sleek gadget goes right on your wrist and connects to your phone so you can easily stay on top of all your hard work. Soon you'll be obsessed with making sure you reach and beat your number of steps every day.

Lume Lifestyle leggings: Ever worked out to your favorite playlist that gets you pumped- but as you're finishing up your squats, and you get a phone call interrupting your set? Well, say goodbye to putting down your weights and fishing out your phone from your pocket. Lume leggings let you see and interact with your phone through the pocket-keeping up the rhythm and tempo to your favorite workouts. 

The perfect gift for the drone lover on a budget

Looking for the perfect gift for the kids this holiday? Get your kids into DIY gadgets without breaking the bank.


Now, PowerUp Toys has taken the paper airplane to new heights- literally. Drones can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars but these simple yet high tech planes are only around $50. Lets just say your origami is about to get upgraded too! paper airplanes can now be controlled using their free smartphone app.

BitLock: unlock your bike with your smartphone

Doesn’t matter what city you live in, there’s always a fear of someone stealing your bike. Not to mention, we’ve all heard of someone who has lost their keys and having to call a locksmith to break your bike free, only to have to go and buy yet another lock. Want to say goodbye to these worries?

The Bitlock has reinvented the bike lock- no more losing your keys. Using the BitLock app you can connect to your custom BitLock, allowing you to unlock it without taking out your phone, similar to keyless entries for cars.

For $149, the lock may sound expensive, but get this- the app allows you to track your bike via GPS, share its location with friends and even unlock the bike for other users. Obsessed with your Fitbit? This app also tracks how many miles you’ve rode and calories burned. Hello staying fit and tech-savvy at the same time.

The smart kitchen Drop Scale: make cooking a whole lot easier and more delicious!

Crazy about cooking? It's time for the connected kitchen. 

If you know me, you know I'm not the best in the kitchen, but with this piece of tech, there's no way you can mess up. The Drop kitchen scale and app connects your smart scale to your phone or iPad so perfecting recipes has never been easier. Find preloaded recipes on the app or upload your own!

Accidentally pour too much flour? You can "resize" the recipe and the app will take care of making sure everything comes out just right. It also sets alerts for baking and visually shows you step-by-step instructions to make cooking that much less stressful.

 Check the delicious video below! 

Brb, I'll be baking cookies. 



How to preorder the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus (and avoid lines)


So you want the new iPhone don't you? 

After a very long and rumor-filled summer of waiting, the iPhone 7 is officially here (sans headphone jacks and with dust and water resistance)! Here's how to be the first to get your hands on the new iPhones.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 7 ($649 or $27/month) and iPhone 7 Plus ($769 or $32/month) will officially go live online tonight at midnight (September 9th). They will start shipping on September 16.

So, if you want a new iPhone ASAP, make sure you have your wallet ready — and you're also going to have to be ready to jump on your laptop when the clock strikes Friday, September 9 at 12:01 a.m. PT (3:01 a.m. ET).

Here's the dedicated page, apple.com/iPhone7preorder, or you can order in the Apple Store app on iOS devices.

Check Your Upgrade Eligibility

You can check this in the Apple Store app (first download it)  by clicking the Shop tab on the bottom toolbar, selecting "iPhone," and scrolling down to "iPhone Upgrade Program."

You can also check with your phone carrier. Most, including AT&T and Verizon, have pages on their websites where you can enter your phone number to find out.

It's also worth making one of the most difficult decisions of all, in the days leading up to presale: 7 or 7 PLUS?

iPhone 7: everything you need to know

Missed the Apple Event? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest and greatest tech on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus rolling out of Apple HQ this year.

Here are the newest features that make this “the best iPhone yet” according to Tim Cook

  1. Water Resistant - It may be water resistant but definitely not toilet-proof just yet.

  2. New Home Button- It’s not a real button anymore. It is now pressure sensing.   

  3. New Color- The iPhone 7 now comes in a glossy jet black, rumor has it Batman is first in line to get it

  4. Better Speakers- Introducing the Stereo Speakers, now located at the top and bottom of the phone, enhancing sound and dynamic range.

Now, the iPhone 7 only has one extra hour of battery life than the iPhone 6, but has incredible new features for the camera including:

  1. Optical Image Stabilization to help you get the best pictures, even with shaky hands.

  2. 1.8 Aperture Lens- this means you can take better pictures in darker environments and the flash can go even further than before

  3. Selfie Camera is enhanced so you can take even clearer selfies.  

iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7Plus is even faster than the iPhone 6 and now even has 2 more hours of battery life, now that is something to celebrate. What else does it have that the 7 doesn’t?

  1. 2 rear cameras. Why you ask? This enhances focus and zoom making your pictures even better.

  2. 10x Zoom letting you zoom further and clearer than ever

  3. Portrait option to make your subject clear and blurring the background, in real time.

Now say Goodbye to the Headphone Jack on the new iPhones! 

Now the most controversial topic of the event was definitely the loss of the headphone jack. Newest headphones will be plugged into the iPhone via the lightning port. Here are the pros and cons:


  • Apple is including an adapter in each box so you don’t have to throw away your old headphones!

  • Apple also came out with the AirPods! New wireless headphones with up to 5 hours of listening time and one step connecting between devices! (Con of this is now you have another product you have to remember to charge)


  • This means you cannot charge your phone and listen to music at the same time, what were you thinking Apple?!

  • Now you have two lightning cables you have to worry about easily ripping

  • You have to now use an adaptor if you want to use your new headphones anywhere other than your iPhone! 

So how much will all this cost you?

Both versions of the iPhone 7 come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB models.

The iPhone 7 starts at $649; the iPhone 7 Plus at $769.

Pre-ordering for the iPhone 7 line starts Friday. Shipping begins Sept. 16.

And if you will be sticking to the older phones, the new iOS10 comes out Sept 13 for you to enjoy!